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The HoliDaze: let’s talk about holiday weight management

It’s that time of year again, the time where I have many athletes contact me and ask if they should try x.y.z diet trend to try to minimize gain weight over the holidays. For my southern-hemisphere athletes, they wonder about long rides on minimal fuel or going out training fasted as a means to mitigate […]


Life after trying to become pro: the same path but two different journeys

My path to becoming a professional cyclist has been the most exciting and rewarding journey of my life thus far. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve been, the feelings and emotions I’ve felt has made me into the adult I am today. Like any journey or story, there are key characters that are there […]


Ella Picks: how do we get more women on (mountain) bikes; Afghan women’s cycling team up for humanitarian award; new women’s WorldTour team and more

In this week’s internet roundup, we explore what it takes to get more women on mountain bikes. We also want you to meet National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year honorees, the Afghan Women’s Cycling Team. And we catch up on latest team signings, new teams and more. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! […]


Ella Picks: Are female cyclists safer, Beyoncé on a bike, The Oppy, Momentum 947 coverage and more

In this week’s internet roundup, let’s discuss the continued sexualisation of women in cycling, the progress in cyclocross and a study that suggests that women are safer cyclists. We also want to introduce you to bad-ass endurance racer Rebecca Rush and para-cyclist Carol Cooke. And we have coverage from the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge, the latest […]


Can your period affect your performance?

Bloating, cramping, headaches and crankiness — most of us dread “that time of the month.” We don’t feel our best, and putting on tight lycra to go out and ride or race is perhaps the last thing you want to be doing. Others however credit their period and their “racing ovaries” for good performances, citing […]


Beyond fitness: What it takes for a world hour record attempt

Last week Australian Bridie O’Donnell announced that she would take on the world hour record in January, hoping to beat the mark of 46.273 kilometres set by American Molly Shaffer van Houweling in September. While the attempt is only a little more than two months away, O’Donnell has already been working up to this moment […]


The struggle is real: five tips to get back into shape

In my previous blog I spoke about the joys of the off-season. Swapping the protein shake for a beer, and the bike for a kayak. Well, that joyful month off the bike has caught up to me, and now it’s time to get serious. I’m just about to complete week two of pre-season training, and […]


Ella Picks: Women’s cycling content we loved this week

In this week’s internet roundup, let’s discuss the Rio Olympic road course and the introduction of e-bike racing. We also want to introduce you to the all-women cyclocross team, This Team Saves Lives, and their mission to combat hunger and to get more women on bikes. There’s a clip from a Halloween cyclocross race you […]

What I learned about women’s cycling from staying at Hosking’s halfway house for cyclists

I started referring to my home in Canberra as a halfway house for cyclists earlier this year. Kind of like when you enter a new relationship and one sleep over a week turns into four nights a week and until someone has accidentally moved in with the other –it  happened gradually. I invited my long-term […]


Ella Picks: Women’s cycling content we loved this week

In this week’s internet roundup we are talking about growing the sport of women’s cycling and the controversial Colnago social media post that does the exact opposite of supporting women’s cycling. We introduce you to Bigla’s latest signing, U23 Canadian champ Gabrielle Pilote Fortin, and we catch up on the track world cup racing and cyclocross […]