what you missed this morning

What You Missed This Morning – In Kinglake

Kinglake at the crack of a sparrows ass to beat the heat.  It looks spectacular this time of the morning.  – Graeme Pereira This weekend will mark the first anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires.  The roads that go straight through the devastated area are some of Melbourne’s best riding areas and my favorite training […]


What You Missed This Morning

Some of the most memorable rides are the ones where the heavens pour down and suddenly the sun peeks it’s head through the clouds.  I wish you could see the mist rising off the wet road.  The iPhone cam just doesn’t cut it, but sometimes the best camera you have is the one you have […]


What You Missed This Morning

No ride can start or finish without one of these. The beautiful coastal roads of Mornington Peninsula in the 30 degree sun. Life is good… Somewhere you’re rather be. It’s not every day that you get caught behind a peloton of camels so I thought it was worth a snap.


WYMTM Photo Competition Results

Photo by Jarrod Partridge The polls are now closed and the results are in.  The winner of the What You Missed This Morning (WYMTM) photo competition is….


WYMTM Voting Lines Are Open!

Alright, I’ve narrowed the competition photos down to the top 10. I’ll leave it to you guys to sort them out from “best” to “tenth best” (just select your single favorite and hit “vote” at the bottom). I should have enough swag to get every one of these finalists something good. Thanks to everyone for […]


WYMTM Finalists

I’ve narrowed down the top  “What You Missed This Morning” finalists and put them up in this gallery. I’m delighted that the What You Missed theme has started to be coined “WYMTM”.  Thanks to everyone who has come up with this time saving abbreviation (props to Justin who got it rolling). As you can see […]


What You Missed…In Tibet

Here’s a photo I couldn’t let go unnoticed.  You can see the rest of the photos submitted by clicking on the “What You Missed Photo Competition” photo on the top right of the page.  Feel free to leave a comment to cast your vote.  I can’t possibly decide on this on my own! This picture […]


What You Missed This Morning…CONTEST!

I’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed with the number of emails I’ve been getting with amazing photos of morning rides from all over the world.   I don’t ever want to turn anyone away but can’t possibly put all the photos up on the front page.  Until I figure out a way to deal with all of […]