The Pursuit Of Leanness

A few months back I wrote about weight loss for cyclists, for those trying to shed some unwanted kilos. But there’s also a group of cyclists who always struggle to gain weight, or those cyclists (and coaches) who become obsessed with weight loss at all costs. This raises the question of how much weight can […]


Weight Loss for Cyclists

I’m a larger bloke who struggles with keeping my weight down. I have to admit, I don’t feel all that comfortable in lycra in the winter months. I like my food and under no circumstances will I feel hungry and sacrifice my lifestyle to shed a few pounds to get up the hills quicker. I’ve […]


The Biggest Loser Final Weigh-Out

The Biggest Loser has now come to an end.  Everyone did amazingly well over the past 8 weeks and I thank each and every one of these masochistic cyclists for participating. Some interesting points from the past 8 weeks: Over 200,000 views of The Biggest Loser updates, photos and confessions.  Over a million hits in […]