Adapting Your Training Schedule After Missing Workouts

As I said last week I’m honored that Joe Friel is keen to contribute his invaluable experience, knowledge and wisdom to CyclingTips.  If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Friel I’m glad to make the introduction.  The groundbreaking book he authored called “The Cyclist’s Training Bible” was the first book on training I ever picked up.  […]


Maximize Your Ability To Burn Fat As Fuel

Let me try this again.  My last guest post that I took down was a bit of a learning experience but as one commenter stated “I’d hate to see you holding back posts because you think they might be ill received by some”.  This is definitely something I’m cognizant of and I don’t want to […]


Speed, Strength and Endurance

Have you ever gone for a ride with a pure track rider and noticed how much he suffers in the hills or in the wind?  Have you ever noticed how a guy who is generally considered very “strong” can stink up the velodrome?  Obviously both riders possess very different abilities that have been specifically trained. […]


The Training Week For Real People

Photo by Leigh Schilling Due to the tremendous popularity of cycling these days I see a lot of riders who are in their late 30’s and over.  Many of these cyclists have the same history.  They used to go on massive weekend rides and put in 15-20 training hours during the week.  Then they got […]


Law Of Diminishing Returns

I’ve been a fan of writer and marketer Seth Godin for some time now.  He has incredible insights and here is one of his blog posts that we can directly relate to our cycling.  This a bit of a trick question but bear with me and I’ll get to the point. Not so good at […]


Powermeter vs Heart Rate Monitor

I receive a lot of questions about why your would train with a powermeter vs a heart rate monitor.  They’re all great questions and they make me stop to think before I go on praising the greatness of having a powermeter and how it’s revolutionized my training.  I think powermeters are a great thing and […]


Maximum Aerobic Power In Cycling

If you’ve never tested aerobic power before you should really try it out – it’s a hoot….if you’re not the one doing the testing that is. Typically in lab conditions a MAP test (maximum aerobic power) is performed by riding at increasingly harder efforts to exhaustion.  There’s a few different protocols, but it would typically […]



It sure is nice cruising down your favorite road at 50km/hr with the wind at your back and barely breaking a sweat. This is what I did a few days ago with a gusty northerly. After an easy hour of riding, I realized that I was 50km away! I still had to turn around… Its […]


Tips On Motorpacing

Motorpacing is a fantastic way to increase your leg speed and simulate race intensity.    Motorpacing for cyclists is one of those things that I shouldn’t be recommending to anyone as it can be dangerous and someone may sue me for this.  There have been many incidences where people have died or just escaped death when […]


Training With A Powermeter

It’s been a while since I last used my Powertap.  It had stopped working just before Christmas but the great guys at TFM and Powertap quickly got me back on track.  After every ride I’m eager to download my stats, graphs and data to analyze it and pick it apart.  If you’ve never used a […]