It sure is nice cruising down your favorite road at 50km/hr with the wind at your back and barely breaking a sweat. This is what I did a few days ago with a gusty northerly. After an easy hour of riding, I realized that I was 50km away! I still had to turn around… Its […]


Tips On Motorpacing

Motorpacing is a fantastic way to increase your leg speed and simulate race intensity.    Motorpacing for cyclists is one of those things that I shouldn’t be recommending to anyone as it can be dangerous and someone may sue me for this.  There have been many incidences where people have died or just escaped death when […]


Training With A Powermeter

It’s been a while since I last used my Powertap.  It had stopped working just before Christmas but the great guys at TFM and Powertap quickly got me back on track.  After every ride I’m eager to download my stats, graphs and data to analyze it and pick it apart.  If you’ve never used a […]


Is Racing The Best Form Of Training?

I want to thank David Heatly from Cycling-Inform for sending in this TIP. ________________________________________________________________ There is a saying that "racing is the best form of training". While this is true in a lot of cases there are times when it is not. This article discusses a common mistake that cyclists make with their "race training" […]


Training While Injured – Jono’s ERGO Sanity Tip

I know a few people who have crashed pretty hard in the past couple months and have had to deal with nasty broken collarbones. Unfortunately last Tuesday Jono Lovelock was one of the casualties.  Like any top notch motivated athlete Jono has jumped back on the bike as quickly as possible to keep his form […]


Top Reasons To Train With a Powermeter

A powermeter may be on the expensive side, but with all the other stuff we justify spending $1500 on (i.e. a set of carbon wheels), you cannot find a better training tool.  If you use it to even half it’s potential, it’ll completely change your outlook on training and racing.  You’ll gain so much more […]


Test Your Lactic Threshold

The reason coaches enjoy talking about Lactic Threshold (LT) is because it is so highly trainable. The key to everything in cycling is the balance between the rate of lactate production and lactate absorption. During light and moderate exercise, concentration of lactate in the blood remains low. The body is able to absorb lactate faster […]


Training Partners

I find having a regular training partner(s) with similar goals as myself extremely helpful.  It provides everyone with motivation in our downtimes and pushes each other harder when needed.  It also forces that accountability to be at your meeting place so you don’t miss that 5am ride.  It’s a bonus if your training partner has […]


Rest Periods

Here in Australia we’re lucky enough to be able to cycle all year round.  The winter here is road season and the summer is track and crit season.  What more could you ask for??? The downside of this is that if you’re motivated enough to jump from season to season of never ending cycling heaven, […]


Our Friend Lactic Acid

Lactic acid often gets a bad rap. We’re always cursing it when we put in too big an effort and are suffering the consequences. You know what? It is actually our friend. Lactic acid is a fuel, not a caustic waste product. It’s responsible for creating more ATP (ATP transports chemical energy within cells for […]