A couple years back when a fellow cyclist in Melbourne got hit by a car there was this campaign to have an "ICE" number programmed into your mobile phone.  ICE means "In Case Of Emergency".  This is the number for emergency response workers to call from your mobile if you’ve been seriously injured in an […]


Building A Training Plan

You can train haphazardly and hope to have top form on race day or you can follow an organized training plan building up to your peak event. With a proper training plan your probability of success is far greater. The difference between these two training methods is not motivation or amount of work.  It’s all […]


Race Conservatively, Train Aggressively

Success in road racing is all about being ready for brief explosive efforts lasting only a few minutes or seconds. Break-aways, cross winds, sprints, gaps and climbs will determine the race outcome. You have to be ready for these moments by having enough energy left to initiate or respond to the best of your ability. […]


Hammer Head Syndrome

The best way to train is by going as hard as you can on every ride you do, right? Even though we’re in the age of HR, power monitoring and training periodization, it remains difficult for many to understand what smart training really means. People think that periodization is great for people who have time […]


Damage Control

This past weekend proved to be a goldmine for cycling tips. Both introspectively and by observing others. We can all ride like a pro with our friends on good days but it’s how you handle those inevitable bad days that shows your true character. Haven’t had any bad days? Well either you aren’t human or […]


‘Faux Form’ and Big Bunch Rides

We’re fortunate that here in Melbourne there’s a selection of bunch rides to choose from every day of the week.  These rides are great as they are motivating, safer when riding in traffic, and they can really push your limits if you’re up for it.  However, bunch rides can be a real waste of time […]


Pre-Race Warm-Up

Sometimes the intensity of a race can start out extremely high. I find this sudden fast pace particularly difficult as I get older. Crits and time trials can be the most painful. A good warm-up before the race is essential. It’ll get the leg muscles full of blood, get the body warm, and make the […]



Crowie is the King. He could write this entire blog with both hands and legs tied behind his back. He’s competed and won races that we only read about in cyclingnews. Here’s a glimpse of his very own training strategy that’s worked for him and other elite athletes over the years. The thing that I […]


Perceived Exertion – Rate Your Workout

I’m quite fortunate that I have a power meter. I find it the most useful training tool imaginable. It allows you to know exactly how much power you’re generating. Just like when you do a bench press, you know exactly how many plates you have loaded up on the bar. No questions. I can’t wait […]


Race Tune-Up

The day before a race should be a rest day.  However, by “rest day” I’m not implying that you should take it off.  I just mean that you shouldn’t be tearing yourself down so much that you need serious recovery afterwards.  It should be called a “tune-up day” rather than a “rest day”. My favorite […]