How to be a good riding buddy

On Sunday I rode the Giro Della Donna, which is a stunning loop out of the town of Warburton, Victoria, consisting of 105 kilometres and 2700 meters of climbing. Fair to say, it was a tough day out for me and my riding crew. We had planned to ride this for months and were super […]


How to clean your bike for apartment dwellers

I live in an apartment with my partner and eight bikes. The most annoying thing about living in my apartment complex is that there is no communal area outside that I can use to wash my bike – no hose, no workstand, NOTHING! So I am often asked how I clean my bike. The answer is […]


The struggle is real: five tips to get back into shape

In my previous blog I spoke about the joys of the off-season. Swapping the protein shake for a beer, and the bike for a kayak. Well, that joyful month off the bike has caught up to me, and now it’s time to get serious. I’m just about to complete week two of pre-season training, and […]


A beginner’s guide to prepping for a cyclocross race

This is part four of a series on preparing for races of different disciplines. Previous columns  covered prepping for criteriums, time trials and road races.  Oh, the fun of cyclocross! Whilst it has been some time since I pinned a number on and lined up for a cyclocross race, the essentials for prepping for a cyclocross race […]


What I learned about women’s cycling from staying at Hosking’s halfway house for cyclists

I started referring to my home in Canberra as a halfway house for cyclists earlier this year. Kind of like when you enter a new relationship and one sleep over a week turns into four nights a week and until someone has accidentally moved in with the other –it  happened gradually. I invited my long-term […]


A beginner’s guide to prepping for a road race

This is part three of a series on preparing for races of different disciplines. Previous columns  covered prepping for criteriums and time trials. Road races. They can be long, short, hilly, flat, hot, cold, wet, dry, windy. But no matter what kind of race, the principles for preparing for a road race are the same. […]


How to embrace riding in the rain

While Aussies are enjoying sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to high 20s, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are digging out our winter riding apparel. While I have been thoroughly enjoying the fall colors, today we got a taste of what most winters in the Pacific Northwest are like: wet. Four-and-a-half hours […]


Tips on choosing a sports doctor or physio

If you’ve been riding or racing for a while, there’s a good chance you have suffered an injury or illness- whether from overtraining, a bad bike fit or a crash. A rehab plan is your best bet for getting back on the bike fully recovered and in a realistic timeframe, but who to turn to […]


Magpie Mitigation

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Spring that is. In Australia it’s that fantastic time of year when you can exchange the leg warmers for bare — albeit ghostly white — legs, and when sitting at the coffee shop for post ride brews no longer carries the risk of […]


Descend better and faster

There is no better feeling than flying down a descent on your bike. I just love going fast and the feeling of (high) speed on my bike. Good descending skills are an advantage, and races can be lost or won on descents. Today, I can say that I’m good at descending fast but that wasn’t […]