How To: Commute like a champ

Ella columnist Verita Stewart fell in love with cycling when she started to commute to work three years ago. And like many before her, Verita’s love for cycling quickly took on a life as its own. Although Verita now races at the top level of the sport in Australia, she continues the daily commute that […]


How To: Ride your road bike on dirt and gravel

We recently shared registration details for the Ella CyclingTips Women’s Ride on April 12. Our ride includes a bit of dirt and gravel, which we know might be new terrain for some of you. To ensure you’re ride-ready for the big event, we reached out to Gracie Elvin who graciously shared her top five tips […]


Chloe Hosking’s top tips for on-the-bike dog encounters

Inspired by a recent encounter with a dog whilst riding in Italy, Chloe Hosking shares her best advice on how to handle the dicey situation of being chased by a dog while on the bike. A few days ago I was riding my bike around the beautiful Lago Maggiore in Italy. I decided to venture […]


Tips to keep your rubbish off the road

Verita Stewart’s latest Ella column tackles a dirty topic – rubbish. She shares her tips for keeping the roads we enjoy litter-free A few weeks ago I went along on the CyclingTips Friday Sickie Ride* during which I was reminded of something that really gets under my skin…. Litter. I hate litter, littering and litterers. […]


How to get ride-ready in 15 minutes

Aspiring pro cyclist Verita Stewart balances a full-time job with a full-time race calendar, putting in the bulk of her training before the start of the work day. Add in daily life upkeep (paying bills, grocery shopping, doing laundry), family obligations and the occasion social activity, and it’s no surprise that her sleep often suffers. […]


Eat your dinner: Tips and tricks with Mara Abbott

I read Mara Abbott’s first Daily Boulder column shortly after landing the women’s cycling editor position at Ella. I’m pretty sure I emailed her to ask her if she wanted to write for us before I reached the end. Mara’s talent with words rivals her talent on the bike, and we’re lucky she so graciously […]


How to become a better time trialist

There is nothing more satisfying than winning the race of truth: an individual time trial. Winning an ITT means you were the fastest rider on the day, that you’d mastered your race day pacing and left nothing in the legs, crossing the line exhausted but triumphant. So how do you become a great time trialist? Helen […]


How to corner

Cornering fast feels great and improving how you corner will have benefits whatever cycling you do. Whether you ride sportives, race on the road, or commute to work, learning how to take corners like a pro will help you to ride safely and quickly. Daniel Lloyd and Simon Richardson, both ex-professionals, share their pro-tips on […]


Golden Rules of Road Racing

The seasons have changed and Australian cycling calendar is again in sync with the rest of the world. Road racing season is now upon us and it’s a good time to dissect the way this type of racing works and some of the tactics involved.