Magpie Mitigation

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Spring that is. In Australia it’s that fantastic time of year when you can exchange the leg warmers for bare — albeit ghostly white — legs, and when sitting at the coffee shop for post ride brews no longer carries the risk of […]


Descend better and faster

There is no better feeling than flying down a descent on your bike. I just love going fast and the feeling of (high) speed on my bike. Good descending skills are an advantage, and races can be lost or won on descents. Today, I can say that I’m good at descending fast but that wasn’t […]


Chloe Hosking’s injury recovery tips

A few weeks ago I woke up in Girona, my European base, and commenced my usual morning ritual —the social media check — before getting out of bed. You are, after all, only safe to get out of bed when you have scrolled all the way back to the last post you saw before you […]


Riding etiquette: How to avoid being the annoying tag-along

I ride alone a lot. A combination of not wanting to be bound by a tight schedule, specific training sessions and a love for blasting hip hop in my ears while I ride are probably to blame. Although my Dad would probably just say it’s because I’m unpopular. Regardless of the reason, I find that […]


Climbing tips for non-climbers

Not long ago I received an email from a magazine asking if I wouldn’t mind providing an expert opinion on a question one of their readers had asked. The question: “Should you apologise if you get dropped on a climb during your bunch ride?” Being a sprinter and not a climber, I thought it both […]


Host housing do’s and don’ts

Today’s the last day of Tour of America’s Dairylands (TOAD). I can’t believe it’s over already. We’ve had an awesome time racing together, scoring one podium and several top-tens. Personally, I’ve been proud of my performances at TOAD. I’ve had a handful of finishes in the top-twenty. I spent some time off front at Schlitz […]


Ban leave passes and bin brownie points: The nice girls’ guide to negotiating ride time

Want to rack up brownie points, score a leave pass or find out a sly way to trick your partner into letting you go riding? You could always sneak out very quietly at 5.30 a.m. when your partner is still happily snoring away and when you arrive back at 10 a.m. say you woke up […]


From pre-race coffees to gear checks, Specialized Securitor shares their pre-race routines

At the end of May, my Specialized Securitor teammates and I raced the fifth stage race on the Australian National Road Series Calendar – Battle on the Border. For most of us racing is our second job, and we live all over the country, from Cairns to Wagga to Melbourne. We generally don’t come together until the day […]


Women Bike PHL Devo Team: What I know now that I wish I knew then

I’m just going to come out and admit it because my gushing is probably going to give me away anyway. I adore this group. They embody everything I love about women’s cycling and remind me why I fell so hard for this sport in the first place. When I called into their team practice last […]


Roommate rules: How to share a hotel room like a pro

As a professional cyclist, I spend a large majority of my existence on the road and, by default, hotel-hopping. I am currently in the middle of what I would call epic hotel-hopping all over the United States. I’ll stop there for a second. Are you reading this now and imagining that I’m living it up […]