The Secret Pro

The Secret Pro: Aru vs Henderson, the Giro and more

After a busy few months of racing The Secret Pro is back. In this latest instalment our anonymous insider writes about the latest chatter within the pro peloton, what’s been happening at the Giro d’Italia, reflects on the Fabio Aru vs Greg Henderson case and more. It’s that time of year again. The Grand Tours […]


The Secret Pro: Let the season begin!

It’s been a couple months since we’ve heard from The Secret Pro as an intense early-season race program have kept him rather busy. In this instalment, he speaks about how the riders feel about racing in the Middle East, the Hour Record, disc brakes, Lance Armstrong, Oleg Tinkoff and tells some of the young cowboys […]


The Secret Pro: Team Bonding, Astana, Unions, and the season…

It’s been a while since we’ve published The Secret Pro’s column and we’re happy to announce that it’s back. With the 2015 season only a few weeks away and pre-season training camps in full swing, he talks about team bonding, his feelings about Astana, the shortening of Grand Tours, and other idle chit chat.


The Secret Pro

It’s been far too long since the Secret Pro has featured here and I’m pleased to see him back. In this edition he gives some background to the Mick Rogers saga, talks about mixed up blood bags, Tour shenanigans, and equipment failures. Read it at your own peril.


The Secret Pro: the late-season lull

In this installment of The Secret Pro, our inside man gives us various insights into how hard this time of season can be, the positive steps that cycling has taken to clean itself up, as well as some of the ongoing problems in this effort. He also shares his views on the need for a […]


The Secret Pro, post-Tour de France edition

The last time we heard from The Secret Pro he was preparing for the Tour de France. Now that the Tour is finished TSP has found some time to bring us the latest from inside the peloton. In this edition The Secret Pro brings us his perspective on the world’s biggest bike race, the latest […]


The Secret Pro

After his last column attracted international media attention and prompted some people to question whether he’s even real or not, The Secret Pro is back with more goss and insight from the pro peloton. In this column TSP talks doping, the Giro, the Dauphine, the Tour de France, and more.


The Secret Pro: hoax or not?

You might have already seen that people on the forums and now Cyclismas blogger Saddleblaze have suggested that the Secret Pro does not exist. We’re thrilled that the latest instalment in The Secret Pro’s column has generated so much discussion, on CyclingTips, Twitter, and elsewhere, and since some fair questions are raised we thought it might […]


The Secret Pro

As the season gets further underway more pro cycling fodder becomes available to talk about. In this edition of The Secret Pro, our anonymous insider gives us some insights on the Spring Classics, his favorite race commentator, the new prototype gear that’s not working out so well, “black contracts”, a Grand Tour winner who might […]


The Secret Pro: The Spring Classics

It’s been a while since The Secret Pro has dropped in and given us the inside scoop, but he’s now had a chance to come up for air after an intense couple months of racing. I must admit, it’s getting harder to keep all of his stories and details in here while trying to remain […]