Greenlight for use of race radios, onboard cameras in women’s events

An interesting thing happened during the last lap of world championship road race last weekend. Despite having one rider in the breakaway, the Dutch team moved to the front of the peloton and started chasing down the breakaway. Chasing down their own rider? Why would they do that? As it turns out, it wasn’t so […]


Bike modifications for Paris-Roubaix

The cobbles of Northern France demand a lot, not just of the cyclists pounding across them during Paris-Roubaix, but of the bike and component manufactures as well. In this post CyclingTips’ roving reporter Dave Everett takes a look at some of the bike modifications that have been introduced for this year’s “Hell of the North”.


How Time Gaps Are Calculated

Last week a mate and I were talking about how the time gaps of breakaways are calculated in World Tour races. The more we thought about it, we came to the realisation that we had no clue of how this is done. In this day and age you’d expect that race officials would calculate the […]


Electronic Dura-Ace

I’m sure you’re read all the reviews about the new Electronic Dura-Ace.  I’m not going to repeat those reviews, but I was lucky enough the other week to test-drive it.  Let me tell you I was damn impressed.  I had all the usual questions like "how long does the battery last", "what happens when the […]