Riding through history: the 1956 Olympic road race

In the early hours of Saturday December 7 2013, 12 riders set out from the Melbourne Cricket Ground to re-trace the original Broadmeadows course of the 1956 Melbourne Olympics road race. Organised by Brad Priest and Paul Munro of the Road Race Project, the ride marked the 57th anniversary of the Olympic race. Craig Fry […]


Olympic Track Events Explained

As we head into the track events at the Olympics I thought I’d take some time to revisit how each of the types of races work. With so many types of events, athletes and race nuances, the track events can be very tough to follow for the casual viewer.


Where Are They Now? Scott McGrory

For a long time now I’ve wanted to do a “Where Are They Now” piece with Scott McGrory. He’s an incredibly down to earth guy who’s doing a remarkable job on the other side of his professional cycling career. Fox TV have beat us to it and they tell one of his stories better than […]


Keep Your Tweets Down London!

As the Olympics get underway we’ve just scratched the surface with the Men’s and Women’s Road Race events. Still yet to come is the time trial, six days of track racing, BMX and mountain bike. So far the television coverage by host broadcaster OBS has been less than satisfactory for cycling fans. Commentary has suffered […]


Where are they now? | Clyde Sefton

“Racing is licking your opponent’s plate clean before starting on your own”, said Tim Krabbe in his iconic cycling novel The Rider. Kevin Clyde Sefton raced exactly that way, winning with not an ounce of his own effort wasted. Efficiency and results were what his rivals remember him for, some even jokingly called him ‘Jack’, as […]