The Sufferfest – From the Beginning

A few years ago when I was experimenting with helmet cams during road racing I was introduced to David McQuillen who was starting a series of videos called “The Sufferfest”. I used them during my winter training and since then I’ve witnessed David’s films explode with a massive cult following. I had the pleasure of […]


The Myth of Natural Ability in Elite Sport

Thanks to Justin Coulson for another insightful article he’s written for us.  You can also read his personal blog here. The Myth Of Natural Ability In Elite Sport by Justin Coulson (School of Psychology, University of Wollongong) Despite decades of psychological research to the contrary, the myth that natural ability makes an athlete superior persists. […]



It sure is nice cruising down your favorite road at 50km/hr with the wind at your back and barely breaking a sweat. This is what I did a few days ago with a gusty northerly. After an easy hour of riding, I realized that I was 50km away! I still had to turn around… Its […]


Looking For Inspiration?

I was going to give a CYCLING TIP about something completely different today until half way into my ride to work.  I bumped into a good friend of mine named Sharon Laws.  It was a good thing because this was that last time I’ll be seeing her for a long time since she’s moving back […]


Training While Injured – Jono’s ERGO Sanity Tip

I know a few people who have crashed pretty hard in the past couple months and have had to deal with nasty broken collarbones. Unfortunately last Tuesday Jono Lovelock was one of the casualties.  Like any top notch motivated athlete Jono has jumped back on the bike as quickly as possible to keep his form […]


Training Partners

I find having a regular training partner(s) with similar goals as myself extremely helpful.  It provides everyone with motivation in our downtimes and pushes each other harder when needed.  It also forces that accountability to be at your meeting place so you don’t miss that 5am ride.  It’s a bonus if your training partner has […]


What to do when it’s raining and you can’t ride your bike

This picture makes me laugh for more than one reason – neither of them very obvious.  First of all, this is Ryan McKenzie being a clown leading a cheesy spin class. Ryan is an amazing athlete who missed Beijing Olympics by a hair (he is not a spin class instructor nor is it his life-long […]


Damage Control

This past weekend proved to be a goldmine for cycling tips. Both introspectively and by observing others. We can all ride like a pro with our friends on good days but it’s how you handle those inevitable bad days that shows your true character. Haven’t had any bad days? Well either you aren’t human or […]


‘Faux Form’ and Big Bunch Rides

We’re fortunate that here in Melbourne there’s a selection of bunch rides to choose from every day of the week.  These rides are great as they are motivating, safer when riding in traffic, and they can really push your limits if you’re up for it.  However, bunch rides can be a real waste of time […]


Pick A Goal

Most of us put a lot of effort into this sport. It’s just the nature of it. Unfortunately natural talent in cycling doesn’t tend to shine until you have your bases covered on fitness. If you’re going to put this much time into being out on the road, you may as well try to do […]