Matt Wikstrom

First-look review: KindHuman leather gloves

KindHuman is a Canadian-based company established by Adam Abramowicz and Gavin Brauer. Based on a rider-direct sales model, the company offers complete bikes (road, CX, MTB, TT/Tri), framesets, men’s and women’s apparel and a variety of accessories via their online shop. All of KindHuman’s products are performance-oriented, which will appeal to racers, while pricing reflects […]


First-look review: GoodSport sports cream

GoodSport takes advantage of the natural medicinal properties of manuka oil to produce a simple anti-chafing cream. GoodSport is a family enterprise that began with a dairy farm. Located on the outskirts of Katikati on the North Island of New Zealand, the farm was acquired in 1950 by Tony Lett’s grandparents. The dairy was a […]

Pro-Lite Bortola A21W and Bracciano A42 wheelsets review

Amongst Pro-Lite’s considerable range of road wheelsets are the Bracciano A42 and Bortola A21W. While the two wheelsets share mid-range pricing, there are significant differences, the most obvious of which are the rim profiles. In this review, CTech editor Matt Wikstrom compares the performance of the two wheelsets. Pro-Lite is a Taiwanese company that, according […]


Trek Émonda comparison review: SL6 versus SLR6

In developing the Émonda, Trek devoted considerable resources to designing a lightweight race bike and trumped the industry with a 690g frame. CTech editor Matt Wikstrom takes a close look at the new bike and assesses the influence of different grades of carbon fibre by comparing the mid-level Émonda SL6 with the upper-level SLR6. Trek […]


The science of wheelbuilding: understanding the importance of spoke tension

There is an art to building a reliable wheel, and while most wheelbuilders are reluctant to share the secrets of their trade, there are some, like Zak Smiley, that will. In this article, Matt Wikstrom talks to Zak for some insight on what makes for a strong and reliable wheel build. To many, the construction […]


Curve 24mm Road Disc Wheelset review

At present, riders looking for a high-end wheelset for a road disc bike must contend with a variety of incompatible standards and a limited range of products. As a custom wheelbuilder, Curve Cycling is equipped to hand pick components to suit a rider’s (or bike’s) specifications. In this review, CTech editor Matt Wikstrom assesses Curve’s […]


What is the lifespan of a carbon frame?

The bicycle industry has embraced carbon fibre in the same way that steel once served traditional manufacturers. Renowned for its high strength to weight ratio, carbon has revolutionised the bicycle industry, but how long can a buyer expect a frame to last? CTech editor Matt Wikstrom investigates the answer by talking with three engineers working […]


First-look review: Search and State S1-A jersey and S1-S bibshorts

Search and State produces all of its clothing entirely within the garment district of New York City. The result is simple, well-tailored apparel. Mention the garment district of New York City and images of rolling racks of clothing come to mind. Less than one square mile, the district enjoyed an enormous boom at the turn […]

Moots Vamoots CR review

Moots have been making titanium frame since 1991 and they’re widely recognised as masters of the demanding metal. In this review, CTech editor Matt Wikstrom rides the Vamoots CR, a road frameset designed to provide enthusiasts with a large measure of race performance without compromising its versatility. Moots began life in 1981 and has always […]


SRAM RED 22 hydraulic groupset review

SRAM’s RED 22 hydraulic road groupset may have suffered a major hiccup after its initial release, but the company has rectified the issues that prompted the major recall and now RED 22 offers more braking choices than any other groupset on the market. In this review CTech editor Matt Wikstrom takes a look at RED […]