Matt Wikstrom

Sportful 2015 spring/summer clothing review

Sportful began with a bright orange ski-suit in 1972 and has grown to produce a wide range of apparel for a variety of outdoor activities. The company has been making cycling apparel since 1985 and in this review, CTech editor Matt Wikstrom takes a look at a few garments from their 2015 spring/summer collection. The […]


First-look review: Morvelo Nth Series jersey and bibshorts

For those unfamiliar with Morvelo’s story, the company was started by a couple of graphic designers in 2009. Morvelo expounds a simple motto, “ride everything”, which is most evident in its collection of films including the recent Doorstep Epic adventures that tap into the essence of bike riding. Morvelo’s catalogue comprises a wide range of […]

Black Inc Black Fifty C wheelset review

Black Inc is a relatively new carbon wheel manufacturer that has the backing and support of some ex-professional riders, including Baden Cooke and David Millar. There are three basic models in Black Inc’s current catalogue, and in this review, CTech editor Matt Wikstrom tests one of them, called the Black Fifty. Despite its short history, […]


9 things I’ve learnt as a bike reviewer

Four years ago we hired Matt Wikstrom as our CTech Editor. I felt it was important for our credibility and trust to make sure our commercial relationships were strictly separated from our product reviews so they remained unbiased. While many still remain skeptical of product reviews in general, I’m proud of the job Matt has […]


Ritte race framesets review: the Ace and the Snob

Ritte is a rider-owned brand based in Los Angeles, California. The company is passionate about road racing but it still has a sense of humour about it. In this review, CTech editor Matt Wikstrom compares two of Ritte’s race-oriented road framesets, the carbon fibre Ace and stainless steel Snob. Ritte Cycles began life as a […]


First-look review: C-Bear bottom brackets

In an era where so many carbon frames suffer from creaking bottom bracket bearings, C-Bear uses precise CNC-machining to create aluminium bottom brackets that do not rely on adhesives or other bonding compounds for a sure fit in the frame. In addition, every bottom bracket is engineered to suit a specific crank and bearing combination, […]


First-look review: RedWhite bibshorts

Established 2014, RedWhite may be a young company but they’ve concentrated on doing one thing well. In this instance, it is a mid-priced all-day bibshort. Based in Singapore, RedWhite’s design team diligently experimented with a multitude of designs, fabrics and manufacturers before settling on the final product, which they named, simply, “the BIBS”. The BIBS […]


Specialized Road Disc Review: new Tarmac versus Roubaix SL4

While the pro peloton is only just starting to experiment with disc brakes, consumers have had access to road disc bikes for a few years. Specialized was an early adopter however a pure-bred race bike with disc brakes was missing from their catalogue until recently. In this review, CTech editor Matt Wikstrom compares the company’s […]


First-look review: Cervo Rosso Corsa SR01 thermal bibshorts

Cervo Rosso is a Swiss clothing company that was established by Carlyle Ware in 2010. An emblem of a deer features in the company’s logo, a curious association for road cycling perhaps, but Cervo Rosso is Italian for “red deer”. A quick tour of Cervo Rosso’s website will provide the uninitiated with a good understanding […]

First-look review: KindHuman leather gloves

KindHuman is a Canadian-based company established by Adam Abramowicz and Gavin Brauer. Based on a rider-direct sales model, the company offers complete bikes (road, CX, MTB, TT/Tri), framesets, men’s and women’s apparel and a variety of accessories via their online shop. All of KindHuman’s products are performance-oriented, which will appeal to racers, while pricing reflects […]