Matt Wikstrom

How do disc brakes change the design of road bike wheels?

Now that hydraulic disc brakes are available for road bikes and manufacturers are embracing the new format, what will happen to road wheels? In this article, CTech Editor Matt Wikstrom considers the effect disc brakes will have (and are having on) wheel design, while considering a prototype disc-specific carbon wheelset built by Wheelworks.


Mixing groupsets: what works together and what doesn’t

With three major groupset manufacturers, transmissions of anywhere from seven- to 11-speed, and an excess of aftermarket cranksets and wheels on the market, consumers will inevitably suffer from a clash of component compatibilities, particularly when upgrading. In this post CTech Editor Matt Wikstrom takes a look at the known incompatibilities between groupsets from different brands […]


Soul S4.0 wheelset review

Based in Singapore, Soul is a rider-owned company that concentrates on affordable race-worthy frames and wheelsets. The company offers both alloy and carbon wheelsets with rim profiles ranging 22-62mm. In this review, CTech editor Matt Wikstrom takes a look at Soul’s S4.0 wheelset that is built with 40mm alloys rims.


Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 SL review

Canyon began by trading out of a trailer but the company now serves the world market with customer-direct sales from its headquarters in Koblenz, Germany. Canyon also sponsors the Movistar and Katusha WorldTour teams. In this review, CTech editor Matt Wikstrom rides the Ultimate CF SLX that sits at the top of the company’s road […]


Rubber side down: the function of road tyre tread patterns

Our intuition tells us that tyres with a patterned tread are less likely to be slippery in wet conditions, but is that really the case? In this article, CTech Editor Matt Wikstrom looks at the factors that influence the grip of road tyres.


Scott Week 2014: new bikes, helmets and the people behind them

It’s easy to dismiss a brand’s catalogue launch as a press junket, especially when it involves flying the media to a classy ski resort in Utah. However, as CTech Editor Matt Wikstrom writes, Scott’s 2015 catalogue launch provided a unique opportunity to learn more about the company’s culture and the way it designs and develops […]


November Bicycles Rail 34 rim review

The Rail 34 rim is an all-carbon clincher that has just been released by November Bicycles. It is 34mm tall with an aerodynamic profile. The company used everything they learned from designing their Rail 52 rim to develop this lower profile rim that will appeal to riders looking to build a versatile racing wheelset at […]


Avanti Corsa SL Team review

Avanti has taken the aero design of its Corsa DR and refined it, reportedly with a fresh emphasis on weight and stiffness. The new bike is called the Corsa SL and while its marketing may appeal to climbers, the bike’s strengths lie elsewhere. CTech editor Matt Wikstrom put the Corsa SL through its paces and […]


Euro and Interbike Wrap-up

Welcome to CT’s roundup of what we thought was cool at the recent Eurobike and Interbike shows. Sadly, prior commitments prevented us from attending in person, so you’ll have to settle for the work of others (a special thank you to Dave Christenson for the photos). I’m sure we’ll be able to scrape together enough […]