Chloe Hosking’s injury recovery tips

A few weeks ago I woke up in Girona, my European base, and commenced my usual morning ritual —the social media check — before getting out of bed. You are, after all, only safe to get out of bed when you have scrolled all the way back to the last post you saw before you […]


Ignoring pain isn’t a solution: How to deal with an injury

For this week’s Weekly Wisdom, I wanted to write about dealing with injury because I’m just getting back from an injury myself, and it’s been a hard time for me. I have been learning a lot about myself during this time –more than I would have if I’d been racing and training like planned. Of course, […]


No La Course, no Worlds, no road racing at all for Marianne Vos

In consultation with the Rabo Liv medical staff, Marianne Vos has decided to not race in the few remaining months of road season, meaning she will not be defending her win at La Course nor will she lining up at the World Championships this September. On this moment a bit sad, but I’m sure this […]


Marianne Vos lets go of season goals as she enters yet another recovery period

It has been a spring filled with ongoing uncertainty and frustration for Marianne Vos, who continues to suffer from injury.  Her team today announced yet another recovery period for the 12-time world champion, who’s been sidelined on-and-off with injuries since December. Not an easy decision to skip the upcoming races, but I need more training […]


Rib fracture disrupts Marianne Vos’ return to racing

In an announcement issued by her Rabo Liv team, Marianne Vos revealed that she has sustained a rib fracture, likely from a crash during a recon ride of the Ötztaler Forest Cross in Haiming, Austria. Vos competed in the mountain bike race on Sunday, finishing in 16th place. Broken rib @marianne_vos Probably 'souvenir' of MTB […]


Injury, self-doubt and rehab: Greg Henderson’s comeback

Injuries are a part of any professional sport and cycling is no different. But even though injuries are an unavoidable part of being a pro cyclist, it’s never easy to deal with being off the bike, particularly when nobody can diagnose what’s wrong with you. Lotto-Belisol’s key lead-out man Greg Henderson writes about the challenges […]


Exercise Induced Arterial Endofibrosis

Every so often in the cycling press we’ll read about a pro who has developed arterial problems in his or her leg. The headlines will often referred to it as “Iliac Artery surgery”. The medical term for the problem is “Exercise Induced Arterial Endofibrosis”. What exactly is going on here ?


The Broken Collarbone – A Part Of Cycling

One of the most common injuries for a cyclist is the broken collarbone (or clavicle). I’m very lucky this has never happened to me, but there aren’t many cyclists I know who haven’t had to deal with a collarbone injury. Some say that you’re not a real cyclist until you’ve broken your collarbone. If that’s […]


How To Treat An Injured Cyclist

In the past 4 months I’ve been the first at the scene on four (yes, FOUR) cyclists who have been hit by a car.  Each and every time and I have had no real clue of what do to.   The first thing I normally do is check for bike damage to see what I can […]


Bay Crit Tip #4 – Road Rash

Look at this mess!  Cookie is a tough cookie and has been through this a thousand times before, so he’ll be okay.  He got right back on his bike after taking a couple laps out. A true professional.  For the rest of us who are new to this, here’s my method of dealing with minor […]