Hydration for cyclists: how much do we really need to drink?

Summer might be finished here in Australia but staying hydrated on the bike is as important as ever. In fact, for years we’ve been bombarded with messages about hydration and performance – “lose more than 2% of your body weight and your performance will decline by x%”, or words to this effect. It’s become burnt […]


Sukkie Sports Drink

A couple years ago my dentist asked me, “do you frequently use sports drinks?”. I asked why and he told me about the high acidity and excessive corrosion it was doing to my tooth enamel. Who knew?


Hydration Fluid From OUTERSPACE!

A blog I thoroughly enjoy called the Cozy Beehive wrote a post last week about an electrolyte formula that NASA uses to hydrate it’s astronauts when returning to Earth.  It’s common for astronauts to return in a very dehydrated state because of the effects of weightlessness in space.  Leave it to NASA to spend 15 […]