Lance vs Oprah B-Roll

An alternate version of Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah.


Statement From V.I.A.L Board Member

This just in for immediate release…


Stuff Cyclists Say…

It’s funny because it’s true…


The Do’s And Dont’s For Female Cyclists

I think it’s safe to say that Women’s Cycling has always lagged behind as a sport, but here’s a list of “Do’s and Dont’s” for Female riders circa 1895 originally published by New York World and adopted by the UCI soon after.


Hard As Nails!

I’m a little short on time today but thankfully I came across this video on BIG RING RIDING last night that I thought I’d share with you if you haven’t already seen it. Absolute GOLD! This video show precisely why the Dutch are so crazy. Koen de Kort always tells me how much he loves […]


Guess Those Legs

Let’s face it, as cyclists we’re all a little strange with the way we’re always checking out each others legs.  The appearance of someone’s legs can be an intimidating yet deceiving sign of a rider’s form. Sometimes tiny stick-legs can produce an unbelievable amount of power and other rider’s monster sized tree trunks can only […]


Inside Out Is The New PRO!

Make no mistake. To ride in the ProTour you have to be good.  No just good – the best of the best.  At this elite level, every detail outside of riding your bike is taken care of for you and getting dressed is no exception.  So when a certain ProTour rider rocks up to the […]


How To Dress PRO

I had a great question from a reader last week on how to look PRO. Q. Having formally been a fairly keen golfer who started as a hacker and progressed to being a fairly decent low marker I know the transition from buying the wrong gear and wearing the wrong clothes. Being pretty new to […]