Hells 500

In search of up: Reaching for Everest together

Several weeks ago, Simone Giuliani shared with you the story of the mass everesting event organised by Hells500. Twenty two women spent 20 hours doing repeated climbs and descents of Mt Donna Buang near Melbourne in attempt to complete an Everesting – cycling multiple laps of one climb to achieve a vertical ascent equal to […]


Twenty women cycle the height of Everest on Mt Donna Buang

At midnight 22 women stood at the bottom of Mt Donna Buang near Melbourne in the light of the moon, steeling themselves for the many hours of pain ahead. They were about to spend nearly all of Saturday in an 8,848 metre high battle with their legs, lungs and minds. The aim for each one […]


Everesting: climbing 8,848 metres in a single ride

Ever since surveyors pronounced it the world’s highest peak, Everest has held a kind of power over us. It is more than a mountain; it is a symbol of something so frighteningly large and monumental that it has become a yardstick, a unit of measurement for anything big in our lives. In this post CyclingTips’ […]