A tour of Giant’s Taichung factory

When it comes to big bike brands, they don’t come much bigger than Giant. For more than 40 years the Taiwanese-based company has been making bikes of all varieties for cyclists around the world including, for the past 27 years, high-end carbon fibre road bikes. CyclingTips’ roving reporter Dave Everett visited the Giant factory in […]


Behind the scenes at SRAM – a company tour

Put the words “Made in” in front of the word “Taiwan”, and it’s typically off-putting to many people. The perception is that products made in Taiwan, as with those made in China, are cheap and poor-quality. That perception exists across the board – if you’re talking about clothing, electronics or (in our case) cycling gear. […]


A tour of the Castelli-Sportful factory

Manifattura Valcismon might not be a name you’re familiar with. The two cycling clothing brands that are owned and operated by this company, however, might a little more familiar. Castelli and Sportful both sit under this parent company and both share the same large industrial building in the town of Fonzaso in the Italian region […]


Powermeter shoes and a factory tour: behind the scenes with Luck

Editor’s Note: One of the many highlights from this year’s Eurobike was Spanish shoe manufacture Luck’s prototype power meter that was built into the sole of one of the company’s top-end shoes. After the original article featuring the shoe caught many people’s attention, CyclingTips’ roving reporter Dave Everett visited the Luck factory to learn more […]


Inside Zipp: what it takes to be a leading wheel brand

Last month CyclingTips’ David Everett travelled to Indianapolis to experience first-hand how Zipp makes its wheels, to meet the people involved, and to find out what’s made them such a success. What Dave discovered was a company that has stayed true to its roots while becoming a world leader in wheel design and technology.


The new old-school: the story behind Silca’s $450 floor pump

On a recent trip to Indianapolis, Indiana, CyclingTips’ roving reporter Dave Everett spent some time with the team at Silca, a famous Italian floor pump manufacturer that has been revitalised by a recent move to the US. Dave sent back the following story and the photos you see below.


‘Made in Italy’: a tour of the Gipiemme factory

There’s no doubt that a simple ‘Made in Italy’ label has considerable currency in the world of cycling. Campagnolo, Colnago, Pinarello, SMS Santini and many more brands besides use their Italian heritage as a key selling point. And it works – for many people, Italian-made will always be the ultimate when it comes to cycling […]


A factory tour and more: behind the scenes with Champion System

For most of us, the process of ordering custom cycling kit is simple. You choose your design, place your order then wait a few weeks for your items to arrive. But here at CyclingTips we were interested to learn a bit more about the process. On our flying visit to Hong Kong and China this […]