Commuting essentials: the cute, the quirky and the functional

When Verita Stewart signed onto Ella, she probably didn’t know she was would become our in-house fashion and accessory expert. Her first piece on her favourite women’s cycling kit generated lots of chatter, so she followed up with a piece on socks. Everyone has an opinion on socks, and we loved that so many of […]


Salary Package Your Bike?

The whole concept of Salary Packaging your vehicle was new to me when I moved to Australia.  It seemed too good to be true.  Once digging into the details however there was one thing that struck me as being strange: the more you drove your car, the greater the tax incentive. Wouldn’t it be fantastic […]


Bike Lane Hazard?

I’ve been sent this video quite a few times after it was published in the AdelaideNow online newspaper last week.  I appreciate and respect fellow cyclist’s efforts in lobbing for better bicycle laneways which I’m all for, but seriously, you’re endangering your own life if you’re not confident to ride in the type of traffic […]


Commuter Challenge

Four commuters, four types of transport, one destination: The winner is … The Gist of it: Bike vs. Car vs. Train vs. Motorcycle over 17km into the city center during rush hour. 1. Bike: 32 minutes 2. Motorcycle: 38 minutes 3. Car: 41 minutes 4. Train: 57 minutes Thanks for doing your fellow cyclists proud […]


Ride To Work Day

It’s National Ride To Work Day here in Australia.  With over 100,000 participants expected, I’m sure there’s someone out there with good tips on how to get my dress clothes from home to work in a backpack without wrinkling them looking like they just came out of the washing machine. I usually keep a pair […]