Pedla – more than another hipster brand

Unlike 10 years ago when the only cycling apparel you could find at bike shops was shop kit or replica team kit, there are now a plethora of start-ups who see the potential in launching a brand. With the ease of creating custom kit these days, almost anyone can delve into making their own kit […]


“What are you wearing?” – Chloe Hosking on dressing for cold rides

Chloe Hosking wrote her debut Ella column on one the questions she fields most frequently – “why do you ride?” Her second column tackles a question that is equally popular – “what are you wearing?” My youngest teammate Anna Christian looked genuinely concerned as she pulled me aside after dinner last Friday, the night before […]


TEXmarket: the biggest cycling brand you’ve never heard of

There is an astonishing lack of transparency in cycling. For instance, the equipment and apparel we use as cyclists is seldom made by the companies that put their names on it. Likewise, it is a challenge to find out where and under what environmental or social conditions these products have been manufactured. In the world […]


Why Wear A Base Layer In The Heat?

You may wonder why many pro riders wear an undershirt when it’s a scorching 35C outside.  Doesn’t it seem intuitive that a base layer make you feel even warmer? A good base layer is one of the most underrated pieces of kit.  It’s obvious why layering will keep you warm when it’s cold outside, but […]


Winter Riding TIPS

While all of us here in Australia are dealing with +40C and doing everything we can to beat the heat, our North American friends are in the thick of winter.  We’re talking REAL WINTER – not the little blip of +15C weather you Aussies complain about from June – August.  You have no idea how […]


Embrocation – So PRO…

The true hardmen of cycling leave the leg warmers at home in 5C and lather up with embrocation to cover the legs.    This provides warmth for the legs and keeps the blood circulating and the muscles as supple as possible.   It doesn’t actually keep you warm – it just redirects blood flow to the […]


How to stop getting cold feet while out riding your bike

This post is more for my poor Canadian buddies who are trying to squeeze in that last bit of cycling before -30C hits. Here in Australia we’re going through the opposite. On those cold riding days there is a fine line between keeping warm and breaking a sweat. If you sweat and then stop, you […]


Cycling Shorts

There’s a few cycling items that you should never cheap-out on. The one thing that will enhance the enjoyment of riding more than anything else is a good set of cycling shorts. There are a few premium brands out there. The ones that I particularly like are Assos. These shorts are unbelievable.Your jaw may drop […]