Watch Keagan Girdlestone attempt a new record on the 1 in 20

Almost every self-respecting cycling city in the world has a climb that people use as a benchmark to see how their form is. We hear about the local legends who came up through the ranks and the times they set on these climbs in their younger days. The most popular test climb in Melbourne is […]


Climbing tips with Carlee Taylor

Voxwomen made a splash with their launch this weekend. The Cyclevox project is the world’s first dedicated women’s online cycling channel. The videos are reportedly produced by women for women to give viewers exclusive insight into the women’s international peloton. They have a handful of videos already posted on the Voxwomen YouTube channel, including this […]


How to climb switchbacks

If you enjoy climbing on your bike, it’s important to know how to ride switchbacks. When ridden correctly, you can actually use switchbacks to accelerate on an uphill. Simon Richardson and the GCN crew shows us what it’s all about.


Climbing vs time-trialling: same effort, different power output

My 80-something kilograms put me at the heavier end of the spectrum when it comes to cyclists. Guys like me have always been associated with sprinting or time-trialling, but personally I’ve always been able to put out my best power on the climbs rather than on a flat time-trial. Why would there be a difference?


Mt Baw Baw Reconnaissance

There’s never been a ride that’s haunted me like Mt Baw Baw has.  I’ve never remotely considered riding the road to the top, nevermind racing it.  I’ve heard horror stories of respected riders walking up sections of this climb.   Mt Baw Baw is the only reason there’s a market for 29T cassettes in this country.


Climbing strategies

To be a good climber you need to build a foundation of strength. Strength is the component of fitness that allows you to climb faster. You may have heard of “strength endurance” (SE) intervals before. SE intervals are performed at a slow 40-60rpm cadence for 10-20 minutes. I like to do sessions of 2x20mins sets, […]


Why Do We Love Climbing?

Photo by Veeral Patel A couple weeks ago a gentleman who runs the blog TheClimbingCyclist asked me for my perspective on why we love to climb.  Personally, I used to hate climbing.  However, the more I hit the hills the better I got and I eventually learned to love it.  It’s different from the love […]


Is It Really Possible?

One thing that you notice as you progress further into the sport of cycling is that you can’t be good at everything.  Different disciplines of bike racing require very different physiology.  As you train one system of fitness, another one will often suffer.  It’s a balancing act and therefore your training approach should be very […]


Power vs Torque

Torque is a measure of how much a force acting on an object causes that object to rotate.  Force per pedal stroke basically.   Power is a product of torque and rotational speed (i.e. cadence). The power graphs below are a good visual example of the difference in torque and power and how it relates to […]


Training With A Powermeter

It’s been a while since I last used my Powertap.  It had stopped working just before Christmas but the great guys at TFM and Powertap quickly got me back on track.  After every ride I’m eager to download my stats, graphs and data to analyze it and pick it apart.  If you’ve never used a […]