Bikes of the Bunch

Bikes of the Bunch: English Cycles Team Issue Disc

In this edition of Bikes of the Bunch, Adam Kennedy tells us about his road disc bike built by Rob English. The bike embraces the new braking system and features more of Rob’s trademark cable routing strategies to keep the front end clean, both aesthetically and aerodynamically. I had just joined the English Cycles racing […]


Bikes of the Bunch: Colnago Master X-Light 30th Anniversary Edition

In this week’s Bikes of the Bunch we check out a 2013 Colnago Master X-Light 30th Anniversary edition. As the bike’s owner Ric Falconer explains, the build represents an attempt to fuse the old and the new into something fashionable yet functional. Colnago is responsible for building some of the most recognisable frames in the […]


Bikes of the Bunch: Canyon Projekt 3.7

While Dave Everett and I were making our way down to Eurobike we decided to stop in at the Canyon headquarters in Koblenz, Germany. Among the many amazing things we saw (which we’ll write about in a factory tour article later) we noticed this interesting bike being displayed on the wall. ‘Projekt 3.7’ is a […]


Bikes of the Bunch: Cinelli XCr

In today’s edition of Bikes of the Bunch we feature Lew Targett’s steel-framed Cinelli XCr, with photos from Mal Jones. I got interested in steel bikes after deciding to go to Italy last year to do L’Eroica. As you might know, you need the following if you want to take part in the ride: a […]


Bikes of the Bunch: Olmo Super Gentleman

In the latest edition of Bikes of the Bunch, Andy White from shares what he calls ‘The Campagnolo Project’, a build featuring a modified modern Athena 11s groupset on a ‘new-old-stock’ Olmo Super Gentleman frame. The origins of this project go back to my days of tinkering and restoring bikes, polishing C Record cranksets, […]


Bikes of the Bunch: Specialized Allez 74

In today’s edition of Bikes of the Bunch we feature a Specialized Allez 74 belonging to Byron Yu. Produced in collaboration with Mark DiNucci — one of Specialized’s original frame builders — this limited edition steel frame was one of just 74 made to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary in 2014. All proceeds from the […]


Bikes of the Bunch: Legend 9.5 Custom

It’s been a little while since our last edition of Bikes of the Bunch, but we’re back today with a Legend 9.5 Custom belong to Lee Kaliski, an Australian who currently lives in Germany. We asked Lee to tell us why he chose this bike and what the ordering/build process was like. I am an […]


Bikes of the Bunch: Kenevans Columbus SL

In this latest instalment of Bikes of the Bunch, we take a look at a FYXO build of a Kenevans Colombus frame, with thanks to FYXO founder Andy White for the words and photos. Kenevans has always had a special place in my heart. The Australian marque has a celebrated past, and Dean Woods to […]


Bikes of the Bunch: Vandeyk “Machine for riding”

In this week’s Bikes of the Bunch we feature a little known German bike brand called VANDEYK. The particular bike belongs to Dylan VanWeelden who works with American-based component maker, Chris King. As Dylan explains, the bike’s birth was because of the death of another. “Out of the blue you get run over by a […]


Bikes of the Bunch: Delta 7 Ascend

Delta 7 creates some fascinating bikes you may or may not have seen before. They never cease to attract attention. At the Tour Down Under we came across one of these bikes which belongs to former Orica-AIS rider Jessie MacLean.