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A Chat With Andy Pruitt

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Dr. Andy Pruitt and Scott Holz who were visiting Australia from the US. Both are arguably two of the most renowned and respected authorities on bike-fit. We spoke to Andy Pruitt and Scott Holz about their experiences with positioning the […]


Bike Fit – Is It Worth It?

A few weeks ago I went into Total Rush to get a proper fit done on my new bike. I’ve always been a big advocate on making sure your bike fits you properly, however I’ve also been skeptical of the absolute need for these fitting services as some people see them as a big upsell opportunity for […]


The Science of Bike Fitting

Update: Before you read on I should warn you to take a close look at the date before you take this too seriously. I’ve already expressed my opinion on how important a proper bike fit is.  It’s the best $300 you’ll ever spend to get more comfort and power out of your trusty steed.  Or […]


How To Set Up Cleat Positioning

When I started this post I originally intended on doing a write-up for a full bike fit.  It didn’t take long before I started to comprehend how massive of a topic this is.  Even the basics would take thousands of words and dozens of photos to explain.  Therefore I decided to break this topic down […]


Orthotics for Cycling

This post was written for us by Sam Jeffrey from Active Feet.  After reading some interesting articles on cyclingnews about foot problems with cycling I asked Sam if he could write a post about orthotics for cycling.   Here it is… Leading to Orthotics…  Biomechanics & Repetition.  Overuse Injuries. It isn’t uncommon that those who cycle […]