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Amy’s Wall hill-climb competition

In less than a week there will be 5,000 of us on the startline of the fourth annual Amy’s Gran Fondo. To add to this spectacular event, we’ve teamed up with the Amy Gillett Foundation and Subaru to bring you “Amy’s Wall”; none other than a good old fashioned hill-climb competition up one of Victoria’s […]


A Metre Matters, but will it improve cyclist safety?

Last Friday the Queensland Minister for Transport Scott Emerson announced a two-year trial of a minimum passing distance for motorists who are overtaking cyclists: one metre on roads with speed limits up to 60km/h and 1.5m on faster roads. It’s the latest development in the Amy Gillett Foundation’s A Metre Matters campaign, a push to […]


The Spotlight Is On Us

It’s great to be back home in Australia and to see that a good chunk of winter is behind us. I’ve neglected many things on this blog while away and have over 4000 unread emails in my inbox. I’m sorry to say, I probably won’t get around to it…


What Does The Amy Gillett Foundation Do Anyway?

Until now I’ve always wondered exactly what the Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) actually does. I’ve seen other cyclists wear the AGF jerseys, I’ve heard about their rides, I’ve seen their campaigns, etc, but what do they actually do??? Since I’m a “bike racer” and never had any interest in joining their awareness rides or wearing […]


Random Ramblings

I’m starting to find the need for a way to communicate random items that people send to me that fall outside of the format of this blog.  This will be the start of a randomly timed “Random Ramblings” post.  If you have something you want me to post feel free to send it over to […]