Alan McCubbin

Five Sports Nutrition Myths

Cycling is filled with many wives tales and there’s no shortage of inaccurate nutritional advice that’s been spread over the decades. In this post Alan McCubbin (Next Level Nutrition) dispels some of those myths by looking at the research.


Grand Tour Nutrition

With the Giro in full swing and Le Tour on the horizon, I thought I’d take a different path for this nutrition post. It’s one thing preparing your nutrition plan for a single day race. It’s tougher for a week-long stage race. But nutrition for the grand tours is something else. Optimising performance and recovery, […]


Protein For Cyclists

We’ve all be taught that protein is important for recovery when training but there are lots of questions surrounding how much, when, and what type to take after a ride. In this article our nutritional expert Alan McCubbin talks about protein for cyclists answers all these questions with the research that’s out there.


Keeping you cool on the bike – A role for nutrition?

If you’re like me you’re more than happy that summer’s arrived. But whether you’re training or competing, you probably already appreciate the difference the heat can make to your performance. What you might not know is that there’s some interesting nutrition science that’s investigating how we can maximise performance in the heat, and it’s very […]


The Pursuit Of Leanness

A few months back I wrote about weight loss for cyclists, for those trying to shed some unwanted kilos. But there’s also a group of cyclists who always struggle to gain weight, or those cyclists (and coaches) who become obsessed with weight loss at all costs. This raises the question of how much weight can […]



It’s just under a month now until the 262km of pain that is the Melbourne-Warrnambool. There are also a host of similar one day classics around Australia such as the 228km Grafton-Inverell and the just gone 208km Launceston-New Norfolk. No matter whether your aim is to win the thing, have some fun or just survive […]


Weight Loss for Cyclists

I’m a larger bloke who struggles with keeping my weight down. I have to admit, I don’t feel all that comfortable in lycra in the winter months. I like my food and under no circumstances will I feel hungry and sacrifice my lifestyle to shed a few pounds to get up the hills quicker. I’ve […]


Sports nutrition strategies

Back in April 2010 CT wrote a post on the benefits of time trial equipment to performance, based on wind tunnel data. I remember thinking I’d love to do the same for nutrition, and compare to other strategies cyclists use to get an edge.


Nutrition and Muscle Cramps – What does the science say?

There are a lot of opinions about why cramping occurs and everyone has their own advice when the topic comes up. Many sports drinks tell you that they key to preventing cramps is magnesium, bike fitters will tell you your saddle is too high, and I’ve heard dozens of different home remedies. Personally, I’ve always maintained […]


Sports Foods and Supplements – Where Do You Get Your Info?

I’ve always been interested in sports nutrition but quickly reached my capacity when talking about it on this blog. Everything I know has been pieced together by reading magazines, books or talking with mates and I’d have a hard time backing my words up with credible information if  I’m challenged. This is why I’m happy to […]