Neil Pryde Alize Frame 57.5cm XL. Frame was fastidiously maintained. No expense spared on original build as photos show. Have since purchased a new frame and used components for that. Bike is designed aero and looks fast against the wall in the coffee shop. Good enough for pro continental team United Health Care. Had a Ridley Noah prior to this and the Neil Pryde is better on all levels. RRP $3500 plus FRAME ONLY See review :The Neil Pryde Alize combines a lethal dose of both speed and elegance to create one of the most impressive aero race bikes on the market. Neil Pryde accomplished this feat by collaborating with BMW Group Designworks USA for computational fluid dynamics analysis and by optimizing their own tube profile techniques to manage airflow through a wide range of wind yaw angles. This not only created an incredibly aerodynamic frame but it led to a final product with maximum stiffness and professional handling. During development Neil Pryde made a realization that many major manufacturers missed. By using extended Kamm tail tubing and sculpting every joint and transition to manage the wind from a variety of angles, the Alize is fast regardless of ride conditions."

AUS, VIC, Melbourne