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Tips on choosing a sports doctor or physio

If you’ve been riding or racing for a while, there’s a good chance you have suffered an injury or illness- whether from overtraining, a bad bike fit or a crash. A rehab plan is your best bet for getting back on the bike fully recovered and in a realistic timeframe, but who to turn to […]

Pumpkin protein pancakes

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. And while my daily breakfast is pretty plain –either a big bowl of Greek yogurt or some sort of porridge –I like to get a little more creative on the weekends, especially before long, base-mile rides. And when I say “creative” I mean taking straight-up recipes and […]

Drinking, binge eating, adventures and family time: doing the off season right

The days after the world championships are usually a mixed bag of emotions. All the pressure and anxiety leading up to the championships are washed away as soon as you cross the finish line (and of course later that evening when the washing away is done by some form of alcohol). Total elation, you made […]


Ella Picks: Women’s cycling content we loved this week

In this week’s internet roundup we have some heavily discussed topics like race radios, car-bike collisions and whether or not there should be gendered products. Meanwhile we’re applauding Rwanda’s Jeanne D’Arc Girubuntu appearance (and consequent media attention) as well as Kris Auer’s push for equal prize money in cyclocross. And of course, we’ve got plenty of videos, […]


“Every day I think about Rio”: exclusive video with Lizzie Armitstead

From the Ella archives: Every weekend we bring back one of our archived stories just in case you had missed it the first time. We talked to the newly crowned world champion, Lizzie Armitstead, just minutes after she sprinted to rainbow glory this past weekend. She stated that winning something once is enough and while […]

Criterium racing: the Do’s and Dont’s

For all you Aussies, crit season is here! Earlier this week, Verita Stewart shared her beginner’s guide to prepping for a criterium, now we are following up with a few tips and tricks from the experts at ALP Cycles. Criterium (crit) racing is a lot more than going around in a circle for 45 or […]


Magpie Mitigation

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Spring that is. In Australia it’s that fantastic time of year when you can exchange the leg warmers for bare — albeit ghostly white — legs, and when sitting at the coffee shop for post ride brews no longer carries the risk of […]


A beginner’s guide to prepping for a criterium

Spring has finally sprung in the Southern Hemisphere. Along with some fine weather, Melbournians are gearing up for criterium (or ‘crit’) season. We’re pretty lucky here in Melbourne in that you can race a crit on almost every day of the week. There are plenty of crit courses to choose from. From punchy hills to flat […]


Camp Heart Break: a look into Australia’s women’s cycling selection camp

Over the past six months, we have published a series of articles explaining, scrutinising and defending the (extreme) methods and measures at the Australian women’s development team selection camp. Now the Subaru High5 Australian National Development Team has published a 27-minute look at what goes on at selection camp, and what it takes to make […]


Lizzie Armitstead crowned the new UCI women’s world champion

As the top pre-race favourite, there was a lot of pressure for Great Britain’s Lizzie Armitstead going into this race. And even as the fans were biting their nails in a thrilling last lap, Armitstead stayed calm, followed her plan and sprinted to rainbow glory. “It’s very surreal. I think every cyclist dreams of the […]