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Watch your posture for strong, pain-free riding

While most of us do spend the time to get a proper bike fit, I’m finding that too little attention is spent on how we sit on our bikes. Do you make use of strong core muscles to provide a solid base from which to make power and ride pain free? During a session of […]

Bike fit: do I need one and what can I expect when I’m there?

Most people new to cycling tend to jump on a bike that seems about the right size and just ride it, accepting whatever niggles come along as a part of the process. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are increasingly sophisticated tools out there that to have detailed look at what size bike […]


The HoliDaze: let’s talk about holiday weight management

It’s that time of year again, the time where I have many athletes contact me and ask if they should try x.y.z diet trend to try to minimize gain weight over the holidays. For my southern-hemisphere athletes, they wonder about long rides on minimal fuel or going out training fasted as a means to mitigate […]


How to be a good riding buddy

On Sunday I rode the Giro Della Donna, which is a stunning loop out of the town of Warburton, Victoria, consisting of 105 kilometres and 2700 meters of climbing. Fair to say, it was a tough day out for me and my riding crew. We had planned to ride this for months and were super […]


Ella Picks: how do we get more women on (mountain) bikes; Afghan women’s cycling team up for humanitarian award; new women’s WorldTour team and more

In this week’s internet roundup, we explore what it takes to get more women on mountain bikes. We also want you to meet National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year honorees, the Afghan Women’s Cycling Team. And we catch up on latest team signings, new teams and more. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! […]


New Canyon-SRAM team announces roster and sponsors

The new UCI WorldTour team Canyon-SRAM was officially launched in London today. Made up of many of the same staff and riders as the highly successful but disbanded Velocio-SRAM team, there had been much speculation about what the new team would look like and who would be on its roster. All rumours were put to […]


Ask ALP: Why am I so sore two days after a big effort?

Every week, Alison Powers and her fellow ALP Cycles coaches — Jennifer Sharp and Patricia Schwager —share their experience, stories and advice with Ella readers in a ‘Weekly Wisdom’ training tips column. Additionally, once a month, Alison responds to your training, riding or racing questions.  Got a question for Alison and her team? Simply post […]


From Rwanda to the world championships: the promising future of Jeanne d’Arc Girubuntu

Jeanne d’Arc Girubuntu was the first Rwandan woman and first black African woman to ride at the UCI Road World Championships this September, but many believe that this is just the start of her journey. The hope is that this 20-year-old woman from a poverty stricken nation devastated by genocide, could make it to the […]

Artistic cycling: a first-person perspective

What do you get when you combine gymnastics and fixed-gear bikes? Artistic cycling, that’s what. Not only is this discipline popular in Europe, it’s recognised by the UCI and artistic cycling world champions have been crowned since 1956 for men, and since 1970 for women. Céline Burlet is one quarter of 4er Kunstrad Sirnach, the […]


Pedaling away from pain: one woman’s story of living with chronic pain

If you’ve spent any time in our online shop, you’ve likely seen the stylish socks made by This is Cambridge. In addition to their socks, the small company’s bread and butter are their beautifully, hand-tailored caps. We are big fans of their products but perhaps even more so, of the story behind This is Cambridge […]