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Boels-Dolmans: What I know now that I wish I knew then

You know that tips section on the homepage just below the featured stories and newsletter sign up? Well, that section is populated by responses to the question: “What do you know now that you wish you knew then?” We ask that question nearly every time we do an interview with someone for the first time. […]


Mara Abbott’s raw caramel sauce

I do not even know what I was looking for on the internet when I found this recipe – whatever it was became instantly irrelevant. If you are a healthy desserts skeptic, I swear, just try this. You could put it on apples or pancakes or even ice cream or brownies – or you could […]


How To: Ride with less stress during *that time* of the month

Cycling is a great way to battle those mood swings and cramps that come with our monthly period. Yet, that bloated feeling or the thought of having to change your tampon every few hours during a heavy flow can make spending time in the saddle less than appealing. Here’s a tip to make cycling while […]


Elisa Longo Borghini reflects on the Ronde

Elisa Longo Borghini (Wiggle Honda) was the talk of the (women’s cycling) town last Sunday. The young Italian won the Tour of Flanders with panache, class and heart. Thirty hilly, cobbled kilometres from the finish, Longo Borghini attacked the peloton and soloed to the finish line. Her teammate Jolien d’Hoore won the chase group sprint […]


Kristin Armstrong to come out of retirement for second time

Having already retired in 2009, then returning in 2011 to take a second Olympic time trial gold medal in 2012 and then retiring again, Kristin Armstrong has announced that she intends to return to competition following her second retirement, with her first event in less than one month’s time. Armstrong issued a statement saying that […]


Fit for the fight

Michelle Lee reached out to me on Twitter. She said she had a story from a teammate that she thought would be a good fit for the Ella audience. Could she send it my way? I have to admit, I didn’t have particularly high expectations. We’ve been pitched quite a few ideas since launch, and […]


The Women’s Ride: Victoria’s mass-riding event draws 2,000 women

Normally on a Sunday morning in Melbourne the roads, bike paths and single track are teaming with male cyclists. Female cyclists are overwhelmingly outnumbered. However, last Sunday in Victoria was not a normal day. It was a day for female cyclists to make their presence felt as the first ever women’s specific mass-riding event in […]


How To: Talk like a cyclist

Have you ever been sitting in a café, in a bike shop or stopped at the traffic lights and overheard a conversation between cyclists and thought to yourself… What the hell are they on about?! I have. This piece is my confusion-reduction contribution. When you’re new to riding or racing, cycling lingo can feel like […]


Beyond pink it and shrink it: Embracing the potential of the women’s cycling market (Part 1)

Cycling is one of those well-established industries where growth is hard to come by. Product innovation, savvy marketing and most importantly the identification of untapped market segments are crucial to keeping sales and profitability rolling along. As far as underdeveloped market segments go, it’s hard to go past women’s cycling. The recognition of the potential […]


Commuting essentials: the cute, the quirky and the functional

When Verita Stewart signed onto Ella, she probably didn’t know she was would become our in-house fashion and accessory expert. Her first piece on her favourite women’s cycling kit generated lots of chatter, so she followed up with a piece on socks. Everyone has an opinion on socks, and we loved that so many of […]