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Tips for travelling with your bike

I love travelling as much as I love riding my bike. It will come as no surprise that a holiday with my bike is my idea of heaven. I enjoy exploring new roads, seeing new sights and finding new climbs. I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over Australia racing with Specialized Securitor and I’ve […]


Ella Picks

Ready to start your week right with Ella Picks? We’ve rounded up links to the best and most important content we’ve come across this week to share with you here. Find anything we miss? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section. Lucy Martin speaks out against lost wages. We spoke with Lucy […]


Climbing for Nepal: Everesting cyclists on a mission to raise US$1 million for earthquake recovery

The mystique and sense of adventure surrounding the world’s highest peak has inspired hundreds to push themselves to new limits on the bike since Melbourne’s Hells 500 launched a climbing challenge called Everesting more than a year ago. Among them are the 20 women we followed on Ella who completed the largest mass Everesting ever […]


Weekly Wisdom: Mental Fitness

Please welcome Jennifer Sharp (née Triplett), an ALP Cycles coach and Weekly Wisdom contributor. Jennifer, a USA Cycling Level 1 Coach, started racing in 2004 as a means to fulfill her competitive itch. Previously a national level boxer, she grew tired of getting hit in the head and decided to pound the pedals instead. She […]


Misadventures in mechanics: Mara Abbott’s ode to pro wrenches

My job is to make the bike go fast. My job is not to make the bike run well. Thank goodness. Thank goodness that there are mechanics in the world whose skill and instinct as “bike whisperers” far exceeds mine. Though, as you will read, I can indeed offer some good McGyver tips on how […]


Juice! – Celery, cucumber, carrot and dill

Ally Stacher launched Ally’s Bar 16 months ago. Her business was born out of a personal need. Ally is not a fan of gels and other processed pocket foods most cyclists eat. She wanted to eat real food while she raced and train. She experimented with all sorts of options (cuts of chicken, dehydrated fruit, […]



Last week I introduced you to THAT CYCLIST – the rider in the bunch who does small things that have a large impact on the group’s enjoyment of the ride. This week I want to introduce to you to THIS CYCLIST. She’s the woman (or man) that finds the fun on her solo rides, shares […]


Misogyny in cycling: How the Amanda Batty vs. Pinkbike discussion applies to you

I’ve been following the whole Amanda Batty vs. Pinkbike conversation with interest over the past few days. The whole issue of the culture of misogyny from which this conversation has emerged is a topic that extends far beyond this single conversation. I will offer some of my thoughts on how this directly affects us at […]


Kimberley Wells selected as 10th Amy Gillett Foundation scholarship recipient

The Amy Gillett Foundation announced on Monday that Dr. Kimberely Wells has been selected as the recipient of the 10th Amy Gillett Cycling Scholarship. The scholarship provides Wells with the opportunity to race for the High5 Australian Women’s Road Development Team in Europe. The selection panel reportedly chose Wells as the scholarship recipient because of […]


Ella Picks

We’ve been rolling out a lot of new features and writers and titles at Ella this month. Here’s another new weekly column we’re going to add to the mix. Ella Picks. The best or most important things we’ve read or watched in the last week(ish) all in one place for your reading (and viewing!) pleasure. […]