“Every day I think about Rio”: exclusive video with Lizzie Armitstead

Last week, Lizzie Armitstead (Boels-Dolman) left the Aviva Women’s Tour after just one stage, following a disastrous crash beyond the finish line, which she had crossed first.  A race favourite, Armitstead has been in good form all season and having to pull out of the tour like that was an utter disappointment. But Armitstead has […]


Inside the Tour of Flanders: on-board cameras from Velon

Velon was launched earlier this year and is a joint business venture of eleven of the teams. CEO Graham Bartlett says: “It has three founding principles: To make the sport more exciting, bring new technology too it and that this all has to be underpinned by sustainable and credible teams.” One of Velon’s goals is to improve […]


Roundtable with Boels-Dolmans: First bike races and top tips

Ella CyclingTips spent last Saturday in northern Italy with Boels-Dolmans. We met the Dutch super squad at their hotel in Ternate and followed along as they pre-rode one lap of the Trofeo Binda course. The team is a hot commodity these days, and five of the six riders that started Sunday’s World Cup already have […]


Climbing tips with Carlee Taylor

Voxwomen made a splash with their launch this weekend. The Cyclevox project is the world’s first dedicated women’s online cycling channel. The videos are reportedly produced by women for women to give viewers exclusive insight into the women’s international peloton. They have a handful of videos already posted on the Voxwomen YouTube channel, including this […]


Roadtripping Cairns – Part I

I know the sound of adventure. It’s the distinct sound of cleats clicking into pedals. Ready to roll. We came together in Cairns as strangers or casual acquaintances to share in this adventure together. We quickly moved beyond the introductory chatter to discuss our hopes and our dreams and our fears. We shared our stories, […]


How the Race Was Won: Paris-Tours

In this edition of Cyclocosm’s “How the Race Was Won” we take a look at Jelle Wallays’ victory at Paris-Tours over the weekend. In Cyclocosm’s “How the race was won” series, you’ll see much more than simple race highlights. Cosmo Catalano picks up the details that nobody else sees, analyses the race situation and its […]


Interview with LIV creator, Bonnie Tu

Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with Giant Bicycle’s Chief Financial Officer and creator of their women’s specific LIV brand, Bonnie Tu. In this interview, Bonnie speaks about how LIV began, the importance of separating the brand from Giant, and the differences between how they speak to their male and female customers.


Cyclocosm: The week in bike #38

If you’re tuning in late, this week we launched our collaboration with Cyclocosm’s Cosmo Catalano to host his video features that provide his own brand of insight, analysis, and satire that you can’t find anywhere else. In this edition of Cyclocosm’s “The week in bike”, Cosmo leaves no stone unturned in who or what he […]


How the race was won – Women’s World Championships Road Race

In this edition of Cyclocosm’s “How the race was won” we take a look at the Women’s Road Race from Ponferrada, Spain that was held over the weekend and won by France’s Pauline Ferrand-Prevot. In Cyclocosm’s “How the race was won” series, you’ll see much more than simple race highlights. Cosmo Catalano picks up the […]


How the race was won – Men’s World Championships Road Race

I’m excited, proud, and honoured to announce our collaboration with Cyclocosm to feature his ‘How the race was won’ videos (and many others) with CyclingTips. Nothing has changed except that we’re now able to keep Cosmo Catalano out of an office job for a while longer. If you’re not familiar with Cyclocosm’s “How the race […]