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Ultralight touring: a how-to guide

Pack up your bike, fly to some exotic location, and ride to your heart’s content. I’m sure it’s a thought you’ve had more than before. One of the beautiful things about cycling is the long list of stunning holiday destinations it introduces you to. But while a great photo is all it takes to inspire […]


Your training questions answered with Dig Deep Coaching: part two

Over the past few months we’ve been working with the team at Dig Deep Coaching to help answer your questions about training, nutrition and more. In this second instalment Stephen Gallagher and Dan Fleeman from Dig Deep answer another selection of your questions, providing insight that everyone can benefit from. See below for how to […]


Elements of style

When I first began CyclingTips as a daily blog, I simply wrote one tip per day with the aim of helping cyclists get better without going through the traditional school of hard knocks. Things here have evolved and taken a different path, but I still love giving and receiving advice on how to improve. Back […]


Why you shouldn’t overlap wheels

Riding in a bunch safely requires a sixth sense that only countless hours of practise will teach you. Racing will accelerate this learning curve, but not everyone has the luxury or desire to compete. Either way, one day or another you’ll probably find yourself riding in a bunch where you’ll need to know the unwritten […]


Finding the sweet spot with sports nutrition

So often the mentality in nutrition (and particularly sports nutrition) is “if some is good, more must be better”. If one protein shake helps recovery, then three will make my recovery three times as good. Fluid prevents dehydration and improves performance, so let’s guzzle down as much as possible. But as sports dietician Alan McCubbin […]


Your training questions answered with Dig Deep Coaching: part one

Back in early July we announced a new collaboration in which the team at Dig Deep Coaching answers your questions about training, nutrition and more, all here at CyclingTips. We received a huge number of questions after calling for submissions, and in this first instalment, Stephen Gallagher and the team at Dig Deep have selected […]


Your training questions answered with Dig Deep Coaching

CyclingTips has evolved in recent times to take a much broader view of road cycling – including with race and news coverage – but the site is still very much about providing you, the readers, with information that’s relevant to you as a cyclist. To continue developing this side of the site we’ve teamed up […]


How to hold your position in a bunch

Bunch positioning is essential to get right if you’re going to be competitive in any race. In this video, GCN’s Matt Stephens gives you some tips on how to be and stay perfectly placed.


How to set up a breakaway

The early breakaway is often the one that makes it all the way to the finish of the race. Judging the right moment to breakaway takes experience, but once you’re there, being off the front of the race is one of the greatest rushes in road racing.


How To Chase Down A Breakaway

When chasing down a breakaway you need to measure your effort, judge the right point to start chasing and communicate effectively with the other riders. Matt Stephens from GCN shows you how to do it.