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How to take great photos of your bike

We all love looking at photos of beautiful bikes — after all, ogling a stunning frame is the next best thing to actually being out riding. But here at CyclingTips we come across far too many bike photos that have been spoiled by poor background choice, incorrect bike setup and even basic things like improper […]


How to be a good riding buddy

On Sunday I rode the Giro Della Donna, which is a stunning loop out of the town of Warburton, Victoria, consisting of 105 kilometres and 2700 meters of climbing. Fair to say, it was a tough day out for me and my riding crew. We had planned to ride this for months and were super […]


Five nutrition myths debunked

Cycling is filled with many wives tales and there’s no shortage of inaccurate nutritional advice that’s been spread over the decades. In this post, dietitian Alan McCubbin debunks some of those myths by looking at the research. 1) If some is good, more must be better Athletes make this assumption about most nutrients. I’ve seen many a […]


How those around you can help your performance

When I first started racing a decade ago, I wanted to know what I could do to train my mind to become a champion. |Related: Mental Fitness Since discovering a love and passion for all things sport psychology related, my bookshelves and mind are filled with mental tools I’d like to share. Below are a […]

“When I was racing in Europe” – 10 ways to spot a fake ex-pro

You probably know the sort of person this article is about. That guy or girl (but, let’s be honest, it’s normally a guy) on the local club run, at the local bike shop, or at the post-ride coffee stop that’s kitted out in either the latest racing-orientated brand or in well-worn kit from a team […]


Your training questions answered with Dig Deep Coaching: part nine

We all have questions when it comes to improving our training or performing well at our next race or gran fondo. In an ongoing collaboration with CyclingTips, Stephen Gallagher and Dan Fleeman from Dig Deep Coaching have answered another round of your questions, providing insight that we can all benefit from. Hi, There’s not long […]


The unwritten rules for ‘calling a ride’

It’s Friday afternoon and my smartphone is going nuts with SMS and WhatsApp messages from my riding group asking “where are we riding tomorrow? What time? Who’s in?” After years of this Friday tradition I’ve learned a few rules of the game. These should accelerate your acceptance in your bunch, and more importantly, seize control […]


What to do if you come across an injured rider

As cyclists, we all accept that there is a risk of injury when we ride. Nobody wants to get injured, of course, and by the same token, no one wants to see a fellow cyclist get injured while out riding. But chances are you’ll be first on the scene during a cycling accident at some […]


Your training questions answered with Dig Deep Coaching: part eight

Dear Dig Deep, A time-trial training question. Is it better to start with longer intervals (i.e. 2 x 20min) and then progress to doing the ‘more but shorter’ 5 x 6 min. Or is it better to start with the 5 x 6 minutes, and then progress to doing the ‘less but longer’ 2 x […]

How to look good on the bike: nine style tips from Brian Holm

To the everyday Joe (or Joanna) with no interest in cycling, we cyclists can be an odd-looking bunch. The lycra, the bright colours and the funny-looking helmets all make us a perfect target for jibes about our style. But if you’re one of us then it all changes. That funny-looking helmet becomes a desired item. […]