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Your training questions answered with Dig Deep Coaching: part eight

Dear Dig Deep, A time-trial training question. Is it better to start with longer intervals (i.e. 2 x 20min) and then progress to doing the ‘more but shorter’ 5 x 6 min. Or is it better to start with the 5 x 6 minutes, and then progress to doing the ‘less but longer’ 2 x […]

How to look good on the bike: nine style tips from Brian Holm

To the everyday Joe (or Joanna) with no interest in cycling, we cyclists can be an odd-looking bunch. The lycra, the bright colours and the funny-looking helmets all make us a perfect target for jibes about our style. But if you’re one of us then it all changes. That funny-looking helmet becomes a desired item. […]


Why cyclists cheat: seven possible reasons for doping

There’s a consensus in road cycling circles that the sport is cleaner than it was 10 to 15 years ago and yet barely a fortnight seems to go by without news of another positive test. So just how prevalent is doping in road cycling and, perhaps more importantly, why do riders insist on cheating? Psychologist […]


Ignoring pain isn’t a solution: How to deal with an injury

For this week’s Weekly Wisdom, I wanted to write about dealing with injury because I’m just getting back from an injury myself, and it’s been a hard time for me. I have been learning a lot about myself during this time –more than I would have if I’d been racing and training like planned. Of course, […]


Climb for Nepal wrap-up: tired legs turn into helping hands

The Climb for Nepal, where riders were asked to raise money while ascending the height of Mt Everest in June, has finished but the task is far from over. It was a great Strava challenge to spur on those climbing metres and take your riding to a higher level but it was so much bigger […]


Photo gallery: Highlights from the 2015 Giro Rosa

The 26th edition of the Giro Rosa was action-packed and drama-filled until the final kilometre. There was a bit of something for everyone with a prologue, time trial, flat stages, lumpy stages and two summit finishes. We saw nine different stage winners over ten days and four different riders don the beautiful maglia rosa. Every […]


Weekly Wisdom: Indoor training tips

For our Aussie readers it’s wintertime, which means it’s trainer time. Maybe you are lucky and the weather where you live is good enough to ride outside, or your work hours are flexible and you can train in the daylight, but for most of us it means we are stuck riding indoors. I’ve had some […]


How to dope in cycling and get away with it

Craig Fry, Victoria University As an academic researcher, I have studied drugs in society for the last 20 years. In my current job, I also study cycling history and culture, and the place of drugs and doping in this sport. I know a lot about this topic. But something new dawned on me the other […]


Weekly Wisdom: The importance of recovery

How seriously are you taking recovery? Are you doing enough to recover from training and racing? A lot of athletes underestimate the need for and power of recovery. Step one: Cool down The first important thing to do is cooling down. After races: No matter how good or bad the race went, make sure you spin out […]


Why you should think twice before trying a low-carb high-fat diet

As cyclists, we all know how important nutrition and diet are in ensuring we’re appropriately fuelled for our rides. And it’s no surprise that nutrition trends, like low-carb/high-fat diets (LCHF), catch the eye of cyclists — claims of easy weight-loss and limitless energy are hard to ignore. But as Dr José Areta writes, there’s scant […]