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Buying a road bike: A women’s guide

Women are told many things when they go to buy a road bike. Advice comes from all angles. There is Bike Riding Friend, Triathlete Colleague and Bike Shop Guru to name a few. Advice can overlap, but it can also greatly vary. Bikes are often purchased on impulse anyway, at the shop with the best […]


Why cycling makes us happy: the positive psychology of being on the bike

Cycling is a beautiful sport. We hear it all the time. We experience it when we ride and race. For the ever-increasing number of us that have caught the cycling bug, we know how happy cycling makes us. But what is it that makes us love cycling so much? Why are we so compulsively drawn to […]


Best of Adelaide: helpful hints from the local pros

In Adelaide for the Santos Tour Down Under and looking for things to do and places to ride when you’re not standing sideline cheering on the world’s best? We’ve got you covered. We asked Adelaide locals Tiffany Cromwell, Stuart O’Grady, Nettie Edmondson, Rohan Dennis, Carlee Taylor, Gene Bates, Mel Hoskins, Tim Roe and Amber Halliday […]


Suggested rides at the 2015 Santos Tour Down Under

A big part of visiting Adelaide for the Tour Down Under is bringing your bike along and riding to the stages to watch the riders fly by. In this post we pull together some suggested rides to help you make the most out of your trip to Adelaide.


Intermittent fasting for cyclists: does it work and should you try it?

Every year there’s a couple of diet trends that grab the public’s attention. If 2013 was paleo year, 2014 in Australia was all about Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) and Intermittent Fasting, otherwise known as the 5:2 diet. We’ve previously covered LCHF diets and cycling performance, so in this article sports dietitian Alan McCubbin takes […]


New year’s resolutions and goal setting – approaches that work

Now that the calendar has ticked over most of us will be setting some new year’s resolutions. According to Google search trends, most of those resolutions involve diet and fitness and I’m sure many of you reading are looking at those from a performance perspective. Psychologist Justin Coulson takes a look at goal setting strategies […]


Your training questions answered with Dig Deep Coaching: part five

Over the past few months we’ve been working with the team at Dig Deep Coaching to help answer your questions about training, nutrition and more. In this fifth instalment Stephen Gallagher and Dan Fleeman from Dig Deep answer another bunch of your questions, providing insight that everyone can benefit from.


Why we race: the psychology of winning and what motivates us

For any given bike race there can only be one winner. For many of us, a win may come only once in a season and that one fleeting moment is what makes it so highly addictive. Some of us will even never get experienced that indescribable feeling. We’re all competitive for different reasons and in […]


11 tips to make you a better crit racer

Let’s face it: we all love reading tips on how to improve as riders. And with criterium season in full swing here in Australia, what better time to consider some tips on how to be a better crit racer? In this first collaboration with National Road Series (NRS) team CharterMason-Giant, Jono Lovelock pulled together some […]


Cycling and Type 1 Diabetes: how the pros manage

Ride, eat, sleep, repeat. That’s how many of us would love to live. The freedom to ride (or race) our bike whenever we want, to eat what we want (within reason) and to get a good night’s sleep before doing it all again. Sure, there are family commitments, work and other demands on our time. […]