Roadtripping Japan

When I think about Japan, descriptions like “polite”, “clean”, “punctual”, “neon”, “awesome toilets”, “sumo” and possibly “keirin” come to mind. I’ve always known there’s a deep-seated cycling culture there somewhere, but “cycling” isn’t a word that’s immediately apparent. But after a week of cycling around the Seto Inland Sea and Hiroshima in the south west […]


Roadtripping Tirol

Anyone with even a passing interest in road cycling would be familiar with the French Alps. The sweeping vistas, the huge climbs, the legendary battles that have taken place on those slopes. But of course the Alps aren’t just a feature of France – they extend across eight countries in Western Europe, with amazing cycling […]


Thereabouts – the doco

UPDATE: Please use the password “thereabouts” if prompted when trying to view the film. A few months ago we published the photo feature “Thereabouts” by brothers Gus and Lachlan Morton. It told the story of their 2500km journey from Port Macquarie to Uluru in just twelve days and how they attempted to reconnect with the […]


Revisiting ‘The Rider’

Tim Krabbé’s book ‘The Rider’ captures the essence of bike racing like no other. It is a profound novel that really struck a chord the first time I read it, and I encourage every student of cycling to take a few hours out to study it. A few weeks ago my mate Ian Walton asked […]


Cycling the Himalayas – Part Two

Here at CyclingTips we tend to focus almost exclusively on road cycling, but every now and again we come across a story that transcends the type of bike you choose to ride. Andrea Oschetti’s journey through the Himalayas is one such story. Over the course of a year, Andrea is making several trips to the […]


From where you’d rather be: New Zealand

A few months ago a few mates and I did a Roadtrip to New Zealand which was one of the highlights of my cycling life. With some b-roll footage we decided to piece together a short film (well, Chas and Drew made it). I hope it inspires you to get out and and go for […]


Roadtripping Calpe

A few months back, in the dark reaches of the European winter, Polish riders Szymon Kotowski, Karol Michalski and Wojtek Kwiatek went to Calpe, Spain in search of warmer climates and memorable rides. What followed was three days of discovering Calpe’s hidden gems and relentless climbs. In this Roadtripping piece Szymon shares the story of […]


Cycling the Himalayas – Part One

Here at CyclingTips we tend to focus almost exclusively on road cycling, but every once in a while an off-road cycling story catches our eye. Such was the case with Andrea Oschetti’s journey through the Himalayas. Over the course of a year, Andrea is making several trips to the Himalayas to tackle specific sections of […]


Roadtripping Ireland: Part Three

In this third and final part of our Roadtripping Ireland series, Dave Everett and Szymon Kotowski continue the story of a trip that saw them follow the route for the start of this year’s Giro d’Italia as well as the shenanigans along the way.


Roadtripping Ireland: Part Two

In the second part of this three-part series, Dave Everett continues the story of our recent roadtrip to Ireland to check out the Giro d’Italia route ahead of this year’s race.