11 of the best Instagram hashtags for cyclists

If you use Instagram and you follow a lot of people that post about bikes and cycling, you might have noticed a handful of hashtags popping up again and again. In this post we pull together some of the most popular and useful cycling-related Instagram hashtags, providing great examples of each and explaining what they’re […]


Tackling Mauna Kea, the world’s biggest climb?

The Hawaiian volcano of Mauna Kea (“white mountain”) is considered one of the most extreme cycling climbs in the world. From the beach in Hilo to the telescopes at the summit it’s 4,200m of altitude gain in one continuous climb of nearly 70km. In fact, so large is Mauna Kea that if you measure from […]


Velon interview pt I: CEO Bartlett on how group can transform cycling

Launched yesterday in what the group hopes will represent a major step forward for the growth and stability of the sport, first details of the Velon project were finally unveiled. Comprising eleven of cycling’s top WorldTour teams and targeting goals of making the sport more dramatic, introducing new technology and building a more sustainable and […]


Velon interview part II: CEO Bartlett on UCI’s planned reforms and doping

Velon CEO Graham Bartlett has a long history in sport, working with companies such as UEFA and Nike and previously acting as commercial director for Liverpool Football Club. He heads up the new group unveiled yesterday that currently represents 11 UCI WorldTour teams and is pushing for big changes in the sport. In part I […]


How The Season Was Won 2014

There’s more to cycling than crossing the line first—yes, winning is important, but providing critical team support, functioning well under a variety of racing conditions, and keeping the sport exciting and enjoyable to watch throughout the year are all important, too. After all, cycling’s business structure is built on the idea that people are watching. With that in mind, […]


How do disc brakes change the design of road bike wheels?

Now that hydraulic disc brakes are available for road bikes and manufacturers are embracing the new format, what will happen to road wheels? In this article, CTech Editor Matt Wikstrom considers the effect disc brakes will have (and are having on) wheel design, while considering a prototype disc-specific carbon wheelset built by Wheelworks.


Reactions to minimum wage and contract violations

Responding to a recent feature by CyclingTips which documented cases where riders had been required to either race for free or for a price less than the minimum wage, the riders’ association CPA, the teams’ association AIGCP and the governing body UCI have given their reactions to the situation. Riders and agents told CyclingTips earlier […]


The Week in Bike #45 – TWIBmas is All Around

You’d think the efforts of a past-prime pop star to frack just that tiniest extra bit of success out of his career would have nothing to do with cycling, and yet…there he is in my headlines. So why not extend the theme—the words of Love Actually‘s Billy Mack do have some surprising applicability to the sport’s current condition, even […]


The definition of epic: tackling a rain-soaked Taiwan KOM Challenge

Last weekend CyclingTips’ roving reporter Dave Everett headed to Taiwan to take part in the infamous Taiwan KOM Challenge: a 105km ride that takes competitors from sea level to well beyond 3,000m of altitude with some brutally steep gradients along the way. Dave filed the following report about the soggy but memorable experience.


Who should be in the Australian Tour de France Team of the Century

Tomorrow at the Australian Cyclist of the Year Awards in Melbourne, Cycling Australia will announce its Tour de France Team of the Century to celebrate 100 years of Australian riders taking part in the world’s biggest bike race. We asked CyclingTips’ historian, Associate Professor Craig Fry who would be in his Team of the Century […]