Bikes of the Bunch: Swift SCULP Ultralight Project

A couple weeks ago I bumped into Jonathan Cantwell at Cafe Racer and noticed his new SwiftCarbon model that I hadn’t seen before. When I asked about it he promptly told me to lift it up and once I did, I knew it was something more than just any regular bike.


Powermeter shoes and a factory tour: behind the scenes with Luck

Editor’s Note: One of the many highlights from this year’s Eurobike was Spanish shoe manufacture Luck’s prototype power meter that was built into the sole of one of the company’s top-end shoes. After the original article featuring the shoe caught many people’s attention, CyclingTips’ roving reporter Dave Everett visited the Luck factory to learn more […]


Cycling the Himalayas – Part Two

Here at CyclingTips we tend to focus almost exclusively on road cycling, but every now and again we come across a story that transcends the type of bike you choose to ride. Andrea Oschetti’s journey through the Himalayas is one such story. Over the course of a year, Andrea is making several trips to the […]


Mixing groupsets: what works together and what doesn’t

With three major groupset manufacturers, transmissions of anywhere from seven- to 11-speed, and an excess of aftermarket cranksets and wheels on the market, consumers will inevitably suffer from a clash of component compatibilities, particularly when upgrading. In this post CTech Editor Matt Wikstrom takes a look at the known incompatibilities between groupsets from different brands […]


How the race was won: Tour of Beijing

In the latest “How The Race Was Won”, Cosmo Catalano takes a look at the final edition of Tour of Beijing. Despite some occasional strangeness, the event still managed to deliver several strong sprints, a reasonably exciting GC race, and of course, some guy in a panda suit. In Cyclocosm’s “How the race was won” […]


A brief history of cycling sunglasses

Sunglasses have evolved from a humble yet essential piece of protection in the cyclist’s kit bag to an expensive fashion statement. Dave Everett and Wade Wallace look back through the archives to find some of the more memorable and outlandish examples of cycling-specific eyewear that we’ve seen in recent decades.


The Week in Bike #40: Hostage to Fortune

In this edition of “The Week in Bike” Cosmo Catalano presents his insights, rants, and humour on the sometimes ludicrous world of pro cycling.


Why the Tour of Beijing will be missed: a view from the inside

The Tour of Beijing is no more. After four editions, the Chinese stage race will no longer close out the UCI WorldTour. Jane Aubrey has worked on the Tour of Beijing for the past two years and wrote the following about why the race’s cancellation is genuine shame.


Elements of Style: a selection of reviews

It’s been a little over a month since we released Elements of Style, a collaborative video project with our good friends at The Sufferfest. As most of you know CyclingTips began by simply posting one ‘tip’ per day, and now we get to go back to our roots by not only giving some tips again, […]


How the Race Was Won: Paris-Tours

In this edition of Cyclocosm’s “How the Race Was Won” we take a look at Jelle Wallays’ victory at Paris-Tours over the weekend. In Cyclocosm’s “How the race was won” series, you’ll see much more than simple race highlights. Cosmo Catalano picks up the details that nobody else sees, analyses the race situation and its […]