Cycling Australia is $1.6 million in debt – but how bad is the situation really?

The 2015 Cycling Australia (CA) Annual Report was released earlier this month and contained some troubling words from the auditors. In this piece we go into the numbers to assess CA’s financial health and consider whether the situation is as dire for the national body as a first glance would suggest. The following article was […]


How to wear a cycling cap? Team Giant Alpecin shows you…

How to wear a cycling cap? Listen to team Giant-Alpecin riders Luka Mezgec, John Degenkolb and Warren Barguil on the secrets and traditions of wearing the cycling cap. This simple garment, beautifully marrying form and function, has never gone out of style. Cap, biretta, petje, casquette…whatever you want to call it, there’s many ways to […]


How to take great photos of your bike

We all love looking at photos of beautiful bikes — after all, ogling a stunning frame is the next best thing to actually being out riding. But here at CyclingTips we come across far too many bike photos that have been spoiled by poor background choice, incorrect bike setup and even basic things like improper […]


Garmin Edge 520 review

The most recent addition to Garmin’s range of GPS cycling computers is the Edge 520. Following on from the bulky Edge 1000, the 520 is the latest addition to the 5xx line, joining the seemingly ubiquitous Edge 500 and the more modern Edge 510. CyclingTips editor Matt de Neef spent some time testing the Edge […]


Chasing Races: The stories behind the photos of Karen M. Edwards

A new photographer making a strong impression this year is Karen M. Edwards, an Irishwoman who has been shooting races at home for several seasons but who is now stepping things up. She has a background in art, fashion and design and is using that creativity and experience in her photography. She has worked at […]


Whistleblowers part 2 – the cost of speaking out

As was detailed in part I of this feature, the long history of cycling is dotted with examples of people who spoke out about problems in cycling. Whether it was about doping or corruption, their testimony turned a spotlight onto issues that needed to be addressed. Many times their words fell onto deaf ears, causing […]


Eecycleworks eebrakes review

Eecycleworks introduced the eebrake to the world in 2008 and the company has been steadily refining it ever since. In this review, CTech editor Matt Wikstrom assesses its performance against calipers from industry leaders such as Shimano and Campagnolo. Craig and Bruce Edwards established eecycleworks in the US in 2007, and while Bruce subsequently stepped […]


The Program film review

After a long build-up, the Lance Armstrong biopic, The Program, hits Australian cinemas this Thursday. CyclingTips editor Matt de Neef headed along to a preview screening of the film. Here’s what he had to say … The Program traces Lance Armstrong’s cycling career from the 1994 Fleche Wallonne right through to his now-famous doping confession […]


Why whistleblowers are crucial for cycling and other sports: part 1

A year ago, the notion of Russia potentially being out of the 2016 Olympics would have seemed unimaginable to many. It’s one of the most powerful nations on earth, took 24 gold medals and 81 medals in total at the last Summer Games, and was then regarded as one of the top contenders for Rio […]


Reflecting on the inaugural CyclingTips Giro della Donna

The first ever Giro della Donna was held yesterday under sunny skies and attended by a thousand smiling faces. It was a massive buzz for the team and I to show that CyclingTips is more than a website, and to have the opportunity to ride bikes with many of our loyal readers. I was fortunate […]