• Luis Lopez

    Riding to work this morning, 4 x wheel drive passes me, reading phone text messages, I see he has a custom number plate “BSAFE”

  • Devan

    Great video and I sure hope many will share it so the message is heard! Thanks for posting!

  • Tom


  • Geoff

    I had two experiences today, which are polar opposites – one, a driver held back behind me over a narrow bridge and waited to pass. A second, a driver of a ute in military uniform buzzed me as I was preparing to turn right and then verbally abused me. He would have got round the corner just as fast had he held back, as the lights were red. The sad sequel to my first experience is that I found out later that another driver overtook a cyclist on that same bridge, nearly forcing another car off the road.
    Yesterday, on the other hand, i had the experience of seeing two cyclists jumping red lights on the way into Melbourne – those guys are a disgrace.

    This video sums up a message that everyone needs to see.

  • PAUL R

    a great message but,unless it gets on all TV networks the only people to see it in Australia will be cyclists.
    thanks for posting it

    • Geoff

      Come to think of it, someone should ask the TAC why they don’t do anything like this.

  • Kevin Corti

    There is an interesting project on Kickstarter readers might like to check out – an innovative back light that tells drivers how fast you are going and emphasizes when you are slowing down – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/euanmackenzie/velocitylight-the-intelligent-speedometer-bike-lig