2013 What You Missed This Morning photo competition

The annual CyclingTips "What You Missed This Morning" photo competition is in its fifth year and what started out as some simple escapism photos posted haphazardly is now our most popular competition on the site.

“What You Missed This Morning” started way back in 2009 when Wade was posting photos of his morning rides to try and make everyone jealous. Since then WYMTM has evolved into an annual photo competition that’s held over the Christmas and New Year period. Here’s what you need to know about the fifth annual What You Missed this Morning competition.

How it works

To submit a photo to the WYMTM competition simply post a photo to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #WYMTM, or upload your photo through the CyclingTips website (coming soon).

Entries will be open until 11.59pm on Sunday January 5, 2014 (AEST). Once the competition closes we'll go through all the images that have been submitted (via social media and through the site) and create a shortlist of 100 of our favourite entries.

Once that shortlist is created we will publish this on Monday January 6 and you'll have until 11:59pm on Thursday January 9 (AEST) to vote for your favourite image. This can be done by "liking" the image on Facebook (via the photo gallery on this site).

The photos with the most votes will be the winners of our People's Choice awards and announced on Friday January 10 morning.

In addition to the "readers' choice" prizes, there will be two prize categories determined by our panel of judges: the Exodus Travel category, and the Jaguar How Alive Are You? category. One winner will be selected in each category.

In order to be eligible for the Jaguar category, you must submit your photo via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #howaliveareyou in addition to the #WYMTM hashtag.


Here are some of the submissions so far...

Readers' choice prizes

The 'general classification' in the WYMTM photo competition is decided by your votes (i.e. Facebook "likes"). There are four prizes on offer, one for each of the four most popular photos.


Azzurri Forza Pro Ultegra 11 speed

RRP: $2,999 This prize has been provided by the good folks at You can find out more information about the prize here.

2nd Place

Rail 52 carbon wheelset with November hubs

RRP: $1,285 rail-1 For more information about this wheelset, head to the November Bikes website.

3rd place

Santini prize pack: bib shorts, knicks, baselayer and more

RRP $1,079 santini-1 For more information about Santini Australia, click here.

4th Place

BBB prize pack: 2 x sunglasses, minipump, floor pump and more

RRP: $1,000 bbb-1 For more information about the BBB prize pack, click here.

5th place

Samsung Galaxy Note III

RRP $930 samsung For more information about the Samsung Galaxy III, click here.

Judges' choice prizes

In addition to the four readers’ choice prizes, there will also be two judges’ choice prizes available.

Exodus Travel

Our panel of judges will pick their favourite photo from the competition and the winner will receive a cycling holiday in Sri Lanka courtesy of Exodus Travel.


This prize is valued at $2,646 and does not include flights. More information about this prize can be found here.

Jaguar Australia's #HowAliveAreYou

Our panel of judges will also pick one photo from the competition that they deem to be the most inspiring. The winner of this category will receive a Jaguar XF Saloon to drive for a weekend.


To be eligible for this prize you must submit your photo via Twitter or Instagram (i.e. not through the site) and use the hashtag #howaliveareyou. This prize is only available to Australian readers.

Some rules

  • Only photos taken with a smartphone are eligible for this competition. This levels the playing field and ensures that everyone is relying on creativity and execution to take the best shot, not just the fact they've got the best camera.
  • You can submit as many photos to the competition as you like, but you'll only be eligible to win a maximum of one prize.
  • Not all photos hashtagged or submitted to this competition will make it to the shortlist. To give yourself the best chance of making it through, see the tips and suggestions below.
  • It's fine to use Instagram and other filters on your smartphone but please don't heavily manipulate your images (e.g. no superimposed subjects)
  • In order to be eligible for the competition your photo must be taken during the competition dates (anytime from now until 11.59pm on Sunday January 5, 2014 AEST).
  • The competition is open to anyone around the world, but if you win a prize and you live outside Australia, you're responsible for organising postage. The Jaguar How Alive Are You? prize is only available to readers in Australia.
For full terms and conditions for the 2013 What You Missed this Morning competition, click here.

Tips and suggestions

  • We strongly advise that you don't take photos while you're riding. Stop, get off your bike, take the shot then keep riding. We don't want to hear about anyone crashing for the sake of a photo (or at all really).
  • This competition isn't about taking photos of crit races or taking selfies with pros who are back home for Christmas. It's about capturing the magic of cycling, particularly at this time of year.
  • Take lots of photos. Even the best photographers will take many more photos than they ever use. And it's not like you need to pay for film when you're shooting with a smartphone. So shoot away!
  • Post-processing can help bring your photo to life, but don't overdo it.
  • Don't submit photos that are too small. Something about 800px wide is ideal. At the other end of the spectrum, we don't need your 3MB 2600px wide landscape shot. Keep it reasonably sized.
  • Caption your photos to tell the story. They say a photo is worth a 1,000 words, but why not have a photo and a few words to tell us where you are and what's significant about the image? Images with captions will be much stronger.
  • For information about how to take great cycling Instagram photos, check out this article we wrote.
  • Get creative and have fun!

  • Horses

    “you’ll have until 11.59pm on Monday December 13″ – January, right?

  • Barry

    Is the smartphone rule hard and fast ? I have a shot from this years’ Melburn Roobaix I would like to submit but it was taken with my compact P&S.

    • Matt

      In order to be eligible for the competition your photo must be taken during the competition dates (anytime from now until 11.59pm on Sunday January 5, 2014 AEST).

      • Barry

        Apologies Matt, overlooked that.

        • VELO-PORTE

          What if you have a shit Blackberry? I always carry P&S or gopro. No good?

          • jules

            if you have a blackberry it was clearly given to you by your employer. pony up and buy a personal phone with camera ;)

            • VELO-PORTE

              HAHA! Got it in 1!

              • Bigguy

                Velo-Porte. Is that a Scottish Blackberry? And do your hire bikes come with them pre-installed?

                • VELO-PORTE

                  The Scottish bit is why I’ll keep using the free Crapberry.