• Nelson

    Man! What is that little device that he put on the rear for the chain when he took off the wheel?! And where do I get one!

    • Idon’t Know

      Yeah I want one too.

    • Davo

      Made by Morgan Blue and available from Wiggle

  • Chris E Dub

    It’s a chain keeper. Fairly readily available, this one is from Morgan Blue and only a few dollars/pounds/euros. Definitely a handy little bit of kit.

  • Mike Hobbs

    Lots of ‘special brushes’ then !!

    • http://www.cyclingTipsBlog.com cyclingTips

      I bought a set of these and they’re fantastic: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/muc-off-5-cleaning-brush-set/

    • nikcee

      you can buy all of those brushes at bunnings and kmart in the auto/cleaning section. the long thin one can be replaced with a wheel detailing brush, the rest are variations of different scrubbing brushes (hard and soft bristle). cheap as chips and they work well.

      i also use ‘retired’ nail and dishwashing brushes.

      a couple of different brushes, some rags and some practice and you can get your bike cleaning under 10mins easily.

  • purpletezza

    SRAM is the sponsor, but looks like Shimano chain and cassette. Looks like a Wipperman(or similar) chain joining link too.

  • Steve G

    What stand is that!?

  • Euroboooonen

    The bike was clean to begin with.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/BPriestie Priestie

    I was getting very excited thinking that’s Tom Boonens bike, then the name decal validated for me. Great to see a video of a mechanic, actually working on a big name riders bike.