Stage 18 of the Vuelta a España has been run and won and the results are now in for our Vuelta tipping competition. Byron Davy from gives us the latest.

A fantastic stage yesterday, both for the amazing effort by Kiryienka to go solo so far from home and back himself in for the win, and to watch Nibali (El Tiburon) flounder as Horner and the Katusha twins put him under the pump. He looks in some serious strife and with L’Angliru to come on Saturday – custom made for a rider like Horner with the form he has – Nibbers is going to have to come up with something special to take home another Grand Tour win. The margin is 3 seconds and with the bonus seconds system it’s going to be an exciting finish!

The stage winner

No one selected the young Belarussian Kiryienka. Congratulations to Patrick Reynolds tipping Egoi Martinez who finished as the remains of the break ahead of the GC contenders.

The leaders

The top five selections included Pozzovivo, Pinot and Scarponi, so no changes at the top for today with Chris Seglenieke still in the red jersey from Olly Harris and James Colasante in third.

Top ten

  1. Chris Seglenieke
  2. Olly Harris
  3. Brad Stephens
  4. James Colasante
  5. Brad Stephens
  6. Jackson Ankers
  7. Erin Tanner
  8. Tom Wakeling
  9. Ter Culloty
  10. Matt McLoone

Onto the Sprint and the gap from the leader Brad Stephens and Scott Weston is still only one point, 202 to 201 with anyone in the top 10 in with a chance to win it!

Onto the KOM and Ter Culloty has moved up to 38 points and now has a 10 point lead over Michael Henley. This is a commanding lead and Ter is in a winning position.

Looking forward

Another stage of the Vuelta, another hilltop finish! This time it’s not as brutal as yesterday or what is to come tomorrow, but Alto de Naranco has a 10% kilometre through the middle to contend with that could put Nibali under the pump. More than likely Astana will be more than happy for the break to go early up the road and absorb all the bonus sprint time (one sprint is at the top of a climb??) and try and conserve for the mother of all Spanish climbs, L’Angliru tomorrow.

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