It was another fantastic stage last night with Alexandre Geniez the only survivor of a day-long break in the Pyrenees. He set the win up with a cracking descent off the Port de Bales and rode to a well deserved victory with some three minutes up his sleeve.

In the GC there was a lot of up and downs but nothing showed at the end of the day. The top five on GC seem to be locked into a locomotive heading for Madrid on Sunday.

The weather, while threatening, was nothing like the day before, but another 10 abandons bring the number of riders down to 150.

The stage winner

Again unsurprisingly, no one had Geniez though three people picked Scarponi for second place before being allocated him as a default pick. Those were Andrew Christensen, Ross Culloty and Andy Kerleo.

The leaders

There was a bit of movement in the top 10 last night with Olly Harris and Jackson Ankers moving up spots due to Brad and Scott selecting Sammy “Dirty” Sanchez. More significantly Chris Seglenieke has now stretched his lead out to more than a minute.

Top Ten:

  1. Chris Seglenieke
  2. Olly Harris
  3. Brad Stephens
  4. Jackson Ankers
  5. Scott Weston
  6. James Colasante
  7. Erin Tanner
  8. Jeremy Smith
  9. Matt Mcloone
  10. Tom Wakeling

In the Sprint competition it is ZUPER tight, with Brad Stephens holding a one-point margin over Scott Weston in second. In the KOM Michael Henley has jumped out to a five-point lead over Jim Humphrys. If this were the Tour de France you would say we are almost done with the mountains, but this is the Vuelta, where men are 5 foot 2 and weigh 50kg, and we have at least four more days of mountains …

Looking forward

Well let’s have a look here. Um yep, more mountains! Another mountain top finish will surely see the break fighting to keep the GC contenders off their tail before the road runs out. With a rest day to come the fight in the peloton tonight may be lacking.

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