• Auk

    Only Lance can do this. Amazing story.

  • WillR

    Really!! We need to get over Lance and try and move on – not look back. However, I was a Lance fan, enjoyed watching him race (and win), enjoyed his books and to some degree enjoyed his arrogance. But, as a person I am pretty convinced he was not a nice person (many driven people aren’t – in sport, business, military etc) but he got too the top by being driven, motivated having the best set up, team (yes doping programme), and training programme. He won in a very dirty period, and yes there are people that missed out and had careers ruined because of him and his team – such is life. What really grips my s&*t is that there are so many ‘dirty’ champions still swanning around that have not had there comeuppance – they know who they are and I think its only a matter of time before they have to confess – the T de F ‘winners’ podium will look very empty in the pre Armstrong era.

    I don’t want to try and condone what LA did but come on this is becoming a soap opera and cycling van really do without it.

  • Ricky

    To say he was ‘not a nice person’ is an understatement. Absolutely no denying that the majority if not all the field were also doping
    but how many set about destroying innocent people’s lives to keep the truth from coming out. He deserves every bit of negative publicity but unfortunately this won’t help undo what he has done to others.

    There’s no way cycling is ever going to ‘move on’ unless we truly have a long hard look at its tainted past and take considerable steps to
    break the cycle.