Who tipped whom?

Most people turned to the favourites for the first summit finish of the race. Keen tippers — myself included — opted to take the default of Joaquim Rodriguez. In fact 38 of us tipper Rodriguez.

Valverde was the most selected rider with 40 people backing him. Some 32 went to South America with Henao. Pozzivivo — surely someone who should feature in any uphill finish — only had four backers. Gilbert had eight!

Some admin

If you checked the results earlier, it’s worth checking them again. The original standings were uploaded based on provisional results. For some reason the official results took several hours to make it online and the provisional standings were miles off.

Also, there are bonus seconds in the Vuelta, so if you tipped Roche, you earned a 10-second bonus. These are reflected in the times that are shown, so some differences to the official stage results are to be expected (typically, stage results do not show bonus time).

The experts

My colleague Woody here at Velotipper.com offered the following insight before the stage: “I’m on Henao. Pretty much bulletproof when it comes to climbing and will be protected by Sky. I could be wasting a gun early but its worth it to use quality to not lose time rather than go out on a limb and potentially lose 5 minutes first up (ahem … the Tour).”

Wade Wallace himself went for Valverde, playing the favourite card early. When pressed for an explanation, he was coy, preferring to hold his cards close. But with good conservative tipping, we will be looking forward to big things from him.

Inrng — tipping anonymously — wisely took il Purito and after backing Martin (Tony, not Dan) on stage 1 he should be looking the goods in the overall.

Stage winners

Only one person had Roche! Ter Culloty come on down! A magnificent tip!

Chris Seglenieks, Derek Hennessy, Borja Barbesà, Gerard m, James Fox and Dan Smith all had Moreno (the commentators on Universal Sports insisted it was Rodriguez, even in the face of overwhelming evidence).

Matt McLoone, RoadRunner, Watty and Simon Hill were clever enough to back Pozzivivivooizzioo (who came third), another magnificent tip!

And Darren Cathie has absolutely announced his arrival in the tipping peloton with the tip of Leopold Konig. He didn’t catch any bonus seconds, but has taken at least a second out of most of the peloton.

Alex Rasmussen and Greg Henderson were selected by Angelo Fazio and Peter Gibson respectively. Well tipped! Demonstrating an early ability to get in the break is a critical skill, and Angelo and Peter will be well positioned for the second and third weeks of the race if they can continue.

In terms of riders causing problems in the tipping peloton, the Egg of the Day goes to Carlos Betancur. Some 13 people tipped him and he finished with the autobus, nearly 10 minutes back. That’s a total loss of around 2 hours 20 minutes worth of tipping pain! Henao also caused a lot of damage. With 32 people opting for the Sky rider, he caused about 90m worth of pain to the tipping peloton. Gerro and Gilbert each inflicted about 50 minutes of cumulative losses.

Overall leaders

And we have a new leader! James Fox has taken over the red jersey after tipping Moreno on Stage 2. Ter Culloty is in second. Here is the full top 10 (same place indicates ties).

1. James Fox
2. Ter Culloty
3. Nick Brown
4. Dan Collins
5. Gerard m
6. Bianca Ehmke
7. Thim Steen Jensen
8. Colin Cheng
8. Ben OMalley
8. Zach Tempany

Not surprisingly, Ter Culloty is on top of the Sprint and the KOM competitions as well.

Looking forward

Stage 3 is deceptive. The last 4km is at 6% so its not a pure sprint obviously but will sit well with a classy one-day rider. Gilbert is the reactive choice but he has had no form this year and hasn’t looked like having much. I’ll be going with a rider who has shone in the Ardennes in year’s past.

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