• demha

    I think this video was asking the right question, but conducting the experiment improperly. “It’s not the bike, it’s the rider” typically arises when comparing a high-tech carbon bike to some old, heavy steel thing with friction shifting. Whatever the two may be, they’re both road bikes. After watching the video, I think I know what the answer would be if the racer had been given a functioning road-specific bike of any sort.

  • Tom

    7.6 kg’s & £6500 are they sure?

  • http://www.capitalcycles.co.uk/ Capital Cycles

    Now I want to see an Electric Dutch Bike and a Kids Bike please :)

  • Stuart

    The BMC bike was 6 seconds slower in race 2 than it was in race 1 even though racing line was “all over the place” in the first race. Time then dropped back to the lower level in race 3. Did the journo fall off in the second race?