• ….

    Yo CT. It ain’t your vid.

    Least you can do is give some props to the owner!

    • http://www.cyclingTipsBlog.com cyclingTips

      The man who uploaded the youtube is Christophe Dehaemers. However, embedding youtube videos is a grey area for giving credit (there is always a link on the video to the owner’s youtube page). I don’t know if Christophe was the one who shot the video, or ripped it off from someone else. It happens all the time.

    • jules

      YT gives you 10(!) options for sharing vids. i think sharing is kind of inherent in posting these things on YT and any social media.

    • Martin P. Hoff

      Embedding YT-vids is not copying material – it’s just viewing YT through another site. All the “owner” (if he really is the owner) information is also right there – just click the youtube link in the iframe window.

  • Tom

    As much as I enjoyed watching that, how funny would it have been if he had fallen down…