There are many reasons why joining a tipping competition is a good idea. For a start, it gives you skin in the game. You’ll find yourself following the Vuelta closer than you ever have before, checking to see who’s riding well, who’s not and crucially, how your riders have been going.

But your riders’ performance means little on its own — the joy of the tipping competition is in the, well, competition. Whether that’s against your mates, people at your cycling club, your work colleagues, or even against the entire CyclingTips tipping pool, it’s always fun to get a bit competitive and (hopefully) work your way up the leaderboard.

Here’s how the competition works: you pick one rider per stage, before the stage starts. Bear in mind that you can’t pick the same rider more than once throughout the race, so you need to choose carefully. Reckon Carlos Betancur will win on the summit finish to stage 8? He might, but if you pick him for that stage you won’t have him for the many summit finishes that follow.

The overall winner is the person whose tips add up to the lowest cumulative time at the end of the Vuelta. There are also leaderboards for the KOM and sprint points classifications. If your rider picks up sprint or KOM points on the stage, you get those points. Your final score in each of those competitions is the sum of all your tips throughout the race. So if you get a few stages in and realise you’re way off the GC, why not change your strategy and target the KOM or sprint competitions instead?

If you forget to tip one day — don’t worry, it happens — we’ve got default tips for you.

As well as the fun of the competition itself, we’ve also got a range of prizes on offer thanks to Here’s what you can win:

General Classification overall winner – Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheelset Shimano/SRAM (RRP $3,299)


General Classification second place – $100 Cycling gift voucher

General classification third place – $100 gift voucher

KOM classification winner – $100 gift voucher

Sprint classification winner – $100 gift voucher

So how do you get involved? It’s easy:

1. Head to  The Vuelta tipping competition landing page
2. Sign up for a CyclingTips account (if you haven’t already) and log in
3. Join or create a pool (you can join as many as you like) or just take part in the CyclingTips Pool.
4. Start tipping!

For information on how it all works click here. Check out all the terms and conditions here. And if you’ve got questions, you can get in touch here.