• scottmanning

    Where do they get off cutting down trees, bolting into others, disturbing the undergrowth and generally being vandals????

    • Faz

      Haha, how do you think that paved road got there??

      • scottmanning

        The road is a little different don’t you think? The road is used daily by hundreds…. What they did was for a one off irresponcible stunt.

  • marsci

    I thought it was pretty cool and well prepared, although it had been done years earlier in 2003 by the likes of Dave Watson, but these boys were smoother. Trailblazers like Watson paved the way for these boys. http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/that-watson-gap-jump-7785/

  • jules

    love the MTB videos, but couldn’t help but think this was kind of pointless