Stage 6 race report


Well, today’s stage was almost as pancake flat as you can get. A couple of epileptic scribbles here and there but this one was an out and out drag race. It is cracking scenery in these parts of France though the riders were probably more interested in the roaring northerly that would be putting all the BIG TEAMS in the crosswinds.

Both Jurgen Van Den Broeck and Maxime Bouet were the big casualties from the crash in the finishing straight yesterday, both unable to start today. For Lotto this was a big blow but the pain was relieved later in the day.

Early on Mate got away however with no reinforcements it was always going to be a tough day in the wind. While he was being brought back to the fold the focus was on poor Bouhanni who was still suffering from the runs. L’Equipe’s front cover for the day? “Bouhanni, the dirty day.” Soon enough it was all backdoor action for poor Nacer as he was dropped from a driving peloton. On his lonesome. He persisted for a while but once the pace increased at the front it was all over red rover and he stood off the bike for the last time this Tour.

The stage was all about protection from the wind. Rouleurs were in high demand as team leaders were locked limpet-like to their wheels. Both Sky and Quick Step kept the pace high and it was only a matter of time before a weak link in the chain snapped. However after the group went through the feedzone so fast that barely anyone could feed, Roelandts went to the front to call a truce.

This slackening was never going to last and soon enough GreenEDGE were back on the front even causing Cadelephant to go a slighter shade of pale. The average speed for the third hour of racing was an eye-watering 48.9kph which ensured gutter action all over the shop.

At this point it was amazing that there hadn’t been an accident and then BANG Cavendish was caught up in a crash with 34km to go. The race was now on for him to get back into the group. Surprisingly Quick Step weren’t dropping back to help him but were happy to negotiate at the front of the group to slow the pace.

Once Cav was back on the pace picked up again and it was all about staying out of trouble. Unfortunately with 11km to go poor Brajkovic went down and his Tour hopes, however small, had evaporated.

Heading into 3km to go the GC teams were fighting for the front to ensure they wouldn’t lose anytime due to a crash. Argos Shimano realised this for the limp-wristed folly it was and bought the focus back to a red blooded lead out dog fight.

Lotto took up proceedings with 1.5km to go and set it up perfectly for Greipel and the big Scarecrow didn’t disappoint. With 250m to go Cavendish opened it up early on the left but was briefly delayed by Roelandts. Sagan had the perfect sit on Greipel but had nowhere to go with Cavendish on his hip. Greipel had the perfect storm and with no one in front of him blew them away. For an instant Cavendish closed fast but the crash seemed to zap his legs and he faded as quickly, ending up in 4th.

Not much has changed…except that Daryl Impey has taken yellow from Simon Gerrans. Same team, but Gerro dropped a few seconds on the frantic run in. First RSA yellow jersey in history! Interestingly, all of the big GC favourites dropped 5 seconds to the sprinters. Cadel led Froome and Porte home in the second group on the road.

Stage 6 tipping report

On to the tipping and a mere 208 people took Greipel for the day…If you wanted to have a rider to yourself, you would have to have taken Samuel Dumoulin as Alex Matison did. Alex finished in 491st on the stage, but didn’t lose any time. Only 8 people selected the incoming yellow jersey holder. Nobody selected Brajkovic so nobody dropped 10 minutes.

The tipping was something of a non-event as far as GC was concerned. Two of our ten leaders dropped time — so long to Cameron Fowle and Phil Aarons from the top of the table. There are 703 tippers within 43 second of the leaders so it would be hard to argue they are in a safe place. Still, you can only beat the people who turn up. Again, the top eight are Derek Collins, David McLeod, Beau Chenery, Andrew Irwin, Neil Cash, Nick Silcox, Matt Settle and Angus Thomson. Chapeau!

At the other end, the final seven places are all unique. Place 1,096 through 1,102 are filled by Lance Reynolds, Andres Rojas, Beñat Sarasola Santamaria, Kieran Hurley, Anthony Lowes, Gary Morris and Ben Weereratne. Again, chapeau!!!

Jérémy Pen continues to dominate the sprint competition with 215 having tipped Greipel for maximum 65 points on the day. He has gone hard from the beginning and continued to attack relentlessly off the front.

The KOM is same same with Gary Cameron, David Chessor and Simon McMillan all on 6 points with the chasers on 5. That will obviously change over the next few days…


General Classification tipping ladder top 50 after stage 6

Position Name Time Sprint KOM
1 Beau Chenery  22:18:17 8 1
2 Nick Silcox  22:18:17 8 0
3 Angus Thomson  22:18:17 69 0
4 Andrew Irwin  22:18:17 81 0
5 Matt Settle  22:18:17 103 0
6 Neil Cash  22:18:17 75 1
7 David McLeod  22:18:17 84 0
8 Derek Collins  22:18:17 104 0
9 Adam Lord  22:18:18 73 1
10 Paul Ruskin  22:18:18 116 0
11 Keith Wong  22:18:18 61 0
12 Nikolaos Taiganidis  22:18:18 143 0
13 Luke Grainger  22:18:18 67 0
14 Duncan Hallihan  22:18:18 50 0
15 Jules Knuppel  22:18:18 122 0
16 Damien Pryzbxylzirski  22:18:18 79 1
17 Dane Cash  22:18:18 109 0
18 Marcus Cairney  22:18:18 140 0
19 Ched L  22:18:18 109 0
20 Derek Hennessy  22:18:18 148 5
21 Ben Jones  22:18:18 81 1
22 Mathew Sorrenson  22:18:18 120 0
23 Matt Vicars  22:18:18 73 1
24 Louis Raymond  22:18:18 91 0
25 Bart Sbeghen  22:18:18 55 1
26 Gregor Vrankar  22:18:18 81 0
27 Simon Harders  22:18:18 68 0
28 Brian Barringer  22:18:18 88 0
29 David Broemeling  22:18:18 144 0
30 Angus Crisp  22:18:18 138 0
31 Blair Coull  22:18:18 53 0
32 Peyton Greenwald  22:18:18 111 0
33 Ashley Bleeker  22:18:18 145 0
34 Ron Klajnblat  22:18:18 141 0
35 Gavin Schulze  22:18:18 126 0
36 Amanda Calvert  22:18:18 90 0
37 Jamie Swinnerton  22:18:18 81 1
38 Martin Tran  22:18:18 111 5
39 xavier david  22:18:20 123 0
40 Tim Jones  22:18:20 69 0
41 pvcc nor  22:18:20 31 0
42 e ech  22:18:20 109 0
43 James D  22:18:20 85 0
44 Aidan Moore  22:18:20 16 1
45 Michael Janetzki  22:18:20 81 0
46 Matt Robbins  22:18:20 62 0
47 Parris ONeill  22:18:20 46 0
48 Colin Young  22:18:20 111 0
49 Barrie Furlong  22:18:20 84 0
50 Bradley Posselt  22:18:20 49 0

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