• Cam

    I think I read that it had been surfaced? If so, does this Google imagery show the new surface?

  • Leo

    That Google image is 4 years old. Have a look at the date at the bottom of the images.

    • http://www.cyclingTipsBlog.com cyclingTips

      The point is simply to show the descent and how narrow the road is. I don’t think that has changed in 4 years. They descended it in the Dauphine on stage 7 and it appears to have been resurfaced.

  • Vincent Flanagan

    Have to say the photograph above, is quite the dynamic cycle racing picture. Who was the photographer?

    • echidna_sg

      agree, its quite a different shot – unlike anything I think I’ve seen before… something about it is captivating

      • http://www.cyclingTipsBlog.com cyclingTips

        The agency I purchase many photos from called Cor Vos took the photo. I’m not sure who the photographer is.

      • SprintFinish

        Are you guys talking about the google image and therefore taking the piss? Or the one below?

  • David Rafferton

    Pez cycling news rode down it just recently and they we less than impressed – http://www.pezcyclingnews.com/page/travel/?id=99737#.UbXn2PlQYuE

  • QBJ

    I rode down this last year during a trip through the Alps at the time of the Tour. The road is generally very narrow, rough and sketchy, with loose shoulders and no barriers. Could be very messy if wet. Lovely rustic Alpine views though, for those not spearheading a stretched out peleton at 80kph…

  • markpinsent

    I’ve went up and down the Col de Sarenne in 2010 after climbing Alpe d’Huez (here’s me at the top: http://www.flickr.com/photos/redvinman/4723559280/ and here’s the descent: http://www.flickr.com/photos/redvinman/4723560980/)

    The guys I was with still know it as ‘the goat track’…here’s the story of that day in the saddle: http://lesveloistesgentils.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/day-2-alpe-dhuez/

    The road back then was dreadful, to the point that our support van couldn’t follow us. Despite that, the descent – taken at a conservative pace – is beautiful and perhaps with a new surface that little bit safer.

    Would I want to come down it at 80km/h (some chance!)? Umm, no. Do I think it should be in the Tour? Absolutely! I can’t wait to watch it.

    And if you ever climb Alpe d’Huez, it’s definitely worth the extra effort if only for conversations like these…”Oh, you’ve done Alpe d’Huez? Yeah, me too. But did you then do the Col de Sarenne..? It’s just a bit higher. No? Oh…maybe next time then.”

  • Lee

    I thought these guys are professional bike riders? They get paid to ride roads… If the road is bad, slow down. If it’s narrow, slow down. Everyone’s in the same boat.

    Surely the risks they take to go a second faster is careless. Not the inclusion of a stretch of asphalt into the route.

  • GC_Frosty

    Jeremy Roy descending Col de Sarenne during a training camp last month can be seen at http://inrng.com/2013/05/roy-de-la-montagne/#more-14916 . Scroll down to Sunday 12 May.