We’ve done a few tipping competitions in the past but to celebrate the 100th Tour de France we’re going to make this the biggest and the best. There’s been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to bring this to life and we’re excited to see it come to fruition.

The way it works is dead simple. You pick a different rider every stage of the Tour who you think will win. You can’t pick the same rider twice during the Tour, so choose wisely. For example, it’s a sprint stage and you pick Cavendish, you can’t pick him again for another sprint stage. You’ll have to pick another sprinter. Make sense? Cool.

The winner of the competition is the person whose tips amounts lowest cumulative GC time at the end of the Tour. There are awards for stage wins as well as a KOM and Points competition that your tips go towards. If you miss a day and forget to tip, no problem – there are default tips that go in for you. You can choose your tip each day before the stage starts, or pick them all beforehand (not recommended if you want to win!).

Every day throughout the Tour we’ll be writing stage tipping reports and previews for the next stage, and leaderboards. You’ll be able to enter in an overall CyclingTips competition, or you can create a small pool for just you and your friends (or both).

Don’t miss out. Participants from anywhere in the world are welcome and entry is free. It’s gonna be a hoot! Please register your interest below.

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